What is Laf Project?

Laf Project used to be just a simple private server. Until v2 come along...

Welcome to Laf Project V2! Here have so many good features that you never saw in another server. Let me show some some reason to you like it:


No Pay to Win!

You can win just playing!

Earn many stuffs from several ways.
Like: ranking, quests, login everyday, trading stuffs, betting on a duel.


Awesome Arts!

Made with ♥ by us.

Almost everything (like items and maps) in game was customized or created by us.
Thanks to our wonderful team of artists volunteers.


Automatic Wiki!

Search and find everything in game!

Yes! We have a Automatic Wiki. It means that all data in our wiki are in Real-Time. Click Here and see yourself!


Bonus in Game!

In addition to always making giveaways of offers from our store

We also have in-game systems that give bonus to players: As a double server rate in midweek, reward bonus for anyone who hits last hit to kill a World Boss and others features!



We take seriously our job of leaving the server free of bugs for you.

We can't guarantee an emulation 100% free of bugs...
BUT we try our hardest to keep the server clean and working fine.


Find amazing adventures!

Battle with friends and work to increase your power!

Complete quests, events and sagas made especially for our server.
We guarantee this will be the best private server experience you will have!


Create your guild!

Make new friends

Meet players who think like you and invite them to your guild.
Make your guild to be the strongest of the server to get benefits.


Battle for rewards!

Advanced Player vs Player Battle

Do you like to bet? Why not bet on yourself?
You can battle with other players betting Golds, Gems or VIP Days!



Our new primary coin

The gems comes to replace the old Adventure Laf Coins.


Play Now!

Click here and play now!

What are you waiting to create a new character and start to explore our world?