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Blood from the void
Cold Essence x2
Potion of Health x3
Potion of Mana
Potion of Speed
Silver Destiny Core
Soul Shard x578
Tanuki Token x54
Water for Pet x4
EXP Boost! (5 min)
Cupid's Bow
Loremaster Magic Book
Shadow Galactic Spear
Gaze of a Woman's Dark Heart
Groomed Lycan Mane
Otherworldly Legion Deathstare Helm
Snappy Puppy Locks
Legion Titan Cloak
PvP Necklace +15000
Twilly Bank Pet
Classes & Armors
Bikini Class, Rank 1
Profane Class, Rank 10
Legion Archer Armor
Love Weaver
Titan Hunter

Castles & Houses
Moglin Hut
Floor & Wall Items
Deady Sign I
Deady Sign II