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Chaos Token x10
Demoniac Project [Z]
Demonic project type: [Y]
Daily REPUTATION Boost! (1 hour) x2
Eye of Astaroth Blade
Sinister PumpKing Blade
Archfiend DragonLord's Axe
Dual Eye Of Astaroth Blades
Fiend Dragon's Eyes Blades
ShadowFlame DragonMage Staff
Archfiend Dragonlord's Morph
Archfiend Dragonlord's Visor
FrostSpawn Horns
ShadowFlame Hat + Hair
Archfiend DragonKnight's Cape
Archfiend DragonLord's Accoutrements
Archfiend DragonLord's Wings
Infernal Naval Wings
Runes of Glacera
ShadowFlame DragonMage's Guard
Chaotic Chicken
Fiend Dragon's Battle Pet
Fiend Dragon's Companion
Kaiju Rider Quibble Bank
Mini Creeper
Classes & Armors
Beginner Class, Rank 3
CardClasher Class, Rank 1
DragonLord Class, Rank 1
Elemental Dracomancer, Rank 1
Evolved PumpkinLord Class, Rank 10
Firemancer Class, Rank 2
Legendary Hero, Rank 10
No Class, Rank 1
Profane Class, Rank 1
Archfiend DragonLord
ShadowFlame DragonMage
Shielded DragonLord