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Beach Token x15
Black Destiny Core
Black Knight Essence x5
Blood from the void x2
Bones x48
Caesaris The Dark Medal x100
Chaos Token x30
Chicken Beef x8
Chrono Pass
Cloth x30
Corrupted Legion Destroyer Medal x100
Cosmic Powder
Crystal of Balance x2
Crystal of Legion x2
Crystal of Power
Cursed Sealant Capsule [NON-VIP] x11
Daily Login Megaphone x7
Daimond of Klunk x82
Dark Crystal Shard x24
Dark Makai Defeated x160
Demon Chalice
Demon Soul x122
Demoniac Project [A]
Demoniac Project [Z]
Demonic project [S]
Demonic project [X]
Diabolical's Token x10
Diamond of Nulgath x9
Dispel Power x2
Divine Ornament
Dragon Fragment x426
Element Sac x5
Entity Orb x32
Epic Fragment x4
Essence of Nulgath x20
Evolved Frag Wailed x31
FF Flame Spirit Defeated x2
FF Spirit Defeated
Fragment of the Gods x23
Free Happiness Potion x9
General Defeated x5
Golden Destiny Core
Golden Fragment x10
Grimlord Blood x72
Head of the wolf boss x9
Holy Fire x8
Holy Umbra x8
Horc Aliance!
Inquisitor Soul x30
Insect Cupcake x114
Kathool's Magical Energy
Key of Vorefax
Klunk Defeated x8
Lapis Lazuli
Legion Brutus Medal x100
Legion Essence x427
Legion Token x420
Lich Stone x100
Lost Soul x3
Maculated Energy x15
Magic Energy of The Dead x100
Magician Essence x2
Matter of the dead x15
metal fragments x94
MMMirage x3
Musical Fragment x20
Nostine Defeated x33
Nulgath's Approval x12
Paragon Essence x2
Part of Sneevil x8
Penguin Slayer x30
Pieces of meat x14
Pink Destiny Core
Poison Sneak Defeated x5
Prove your loyalty #1
Prove your loyalty #2
PureGold Bar x3
Purgatory Essence x3
Purple Destiny Core
Pyrope Garnet
Rabid Lion
Rare Essence x100
Red Destiny Core
Restless Key
Ruby x3
Sacred Contract
Scrap of Cloth x25
Shadow Key
ShadowFlame Requiem x17
Shiny Purple Crystal x2
Soul Collector
Soul Of Blight x21
Soul of Guardian x5
Soul of Legion
Soul of Olympus x5
Soul Stone
Souls of Xlight x9
Spirit of Revontheus x15
Spodumene x3
Stack of Souls x10
Strogia token x175
Tainted Gem x24
Teasure Kathool x100
Token Of Hero x2
Token of Naval x633
Token of Olymp x70
Token of Star x190
Top Hat
Ultima wailed Frozen x2
Undead Soul x100
Undead's Soul x2
Underworld Key x100
Vertigo Soul x90
Void Crystal B
Vordred Soul x30
Voucher of Nulgath x40
Well Key
Zyrus the BioKnight Defeated x16
CLASS Boost! (1 hour) x25
EXP Boost! (1 hour) x23
EXP Boost! (5 min)
GOLD Boost! (1 hour) x12
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hour) x25
Dark Repulser
Despair King Sword
Evolution Abyssal Heretic's Mystic Blade
Evolved Champion of Order Blade
Golden Dragon Slayer Sword
Jade Bushido Katana
Krenosa Soul Katana
Lambent Light
Legion Overfiend Blade
Mirrored Katana
Prime Champion of Order Blade
Prism Energy Flameletter
Shadowspawn Katana
Thunder Dragon Sword
Zealous Claymore
Akali KDA Armaments
Akali KDA Daggers
Akali KDA Scythes
BladeMaster's Dual Weapons
Crystallis Chappals
Dual Melon Chappals
Dual Mirrored Katanas
Dual Prime Champion of Order Blade
Dual Soultaker of Darkness CC
Kittarian Whip
Crystallis Chappal
Melon Chappal
Entity Cupid Spear
Infernal Warlord's Polearm
Rhiannon's Edge
Evil Archmage Staff
Hollowborn Surfboard
Staff Of Conflagration
White Mage's Sceptre
Akali KDA Hat
Akali KDA Hat Masked
Akali KDA Ponytail Hat
Akali KDA Ponytail Hat Masked
CC Captain Cool Hat
CC Headphones of Diohgo
CC Pirate Captain Female Helm
CC Pirate Captain Male Helm
Chill Concert Hair + Glasses
Despair King Crown
Despair Queen Crown
Evil ArchMage Morph
Evil ArchMage Morph Locks
Fyreborn Tiger Helm
Ghostly Crowned of Abyss
Golden Dragon Slayer Trophy
Golden Fury Helm
KDA Ahri's Helm
KDA Evelynn's Hair
KDA Kaisa's Hair
Melon Eater Helm
Mirror BladeMaster Hair
Mirror BladeMaster Locks
Mirror Drakath's Hair
Prime Champion Of Order Hair
Prime Champion Of Order Morph
Sepulchure Helm CC
Shadowspawn Warrior Locks (2)
Void Ripper Helm
White Mage’s Hat
White Mage’s Hat + Locks
Arcane Light Throne Bank
Aura of Revontheus
Black Noble Cloak
Blessed Knight Wings
Blooded Banner
Cape Awe
Ceremonial Jade Banner
Chains of Mental Control
Charged Thunder Clouds
Crossed Jade Katanas
Crossed Royal Vampire Naval Commander Cutlass Cape
Dark Libran Scales
Despair King Cape
Entity Cupid Cape
Evolved Champion of Order Cape
Ghostly Shadowed Wings of the Abyss
Golden Angel Wings
Golden Fury Cape
Golden Wings of the Sandsea
KDA Ahri's Tail
KDA Ahri's Tail (Prestige)
KDA Evelynn's Cape
KDA Kaisa's Cape
Legion Seraph Rune Cape CC
Libran Scales
Mirrored Katana Backblades
Red Rune
Royal Vampire Naval Commander Anchor Cape
Shadow of Sepulchure CC
Tattooed Electric Guitar Cape
Tendrils of Shadowspawn
Trox Shadow
Void Ripper Cape
Zealous Rays Of Light
Asfargo's Third Eye Ring
Arcane Soul Paragon
Blood Guardian Shadow
Bright Champion Quibble
Burning Tome Pet
Cespect Battlepet
Dark Fyreborn Tiger
Dark Wolf
Jack Daimyo Pet
KDA Ahri's Gem
KDA Ahri's Gem (Prestige)
Mini-taur Pet
MinxFairy Pet
Mirror Realm Quibble
Orange Battle Drellie
Orange Drellie
Paragon Fiend Quest Pet
Prism Energy Flameletter Pet
Revontheus Pet
Shadow-Wrapped Sepulchure Pet
Silent Evil Spirit
Silent Good Spirit
Tog Pet
White Fyreborn Tiger
Classes & Armors
Chaos Class, Rank 10
Frozen Knight Class, Rank 10
Immortal Dark Caster Class, Rank 10
Adventurous Rookie Outfit
Akali KDA
CC Pirate Captain
Despair King
Entity Cupid
Evil Archmage
Evolved Champion of Order
Ghostly Silverplate
Golden Fury
Hyperium Guard
KDA Ahri
KDA Evelynn
KDA Kaisa
Mirror BladeMaster
One-Eyed Formal
Prime Champion Of Order
Rainy Day Romper
Revontheus Armor
Revontheus Wings Armor
RickyB20 PikaTroll Armor
Sepulchure Armor CC
Shadow Slayer Armor
Solar Protector
Sunsuit Romper
White Mage

Castles & Houses
Zazul's House
Floor & Wall Items
Fragment of Doom Statue (L)
Fragment of Doom Statue (R)
Shadows Of Doom