Get Laf Project Launcher


Anubis Energy x2268
Aquamarine x25
Azurite x16
Bag of Abyss x929
Basic Emoji Package (Equipped)
Black Ink x86
Bone Sigil x90
Bravery Medal x115
Bunch of Bones x74
Celestial Coins x2
Championfiend's Soul
Chaos Token x28
Christmas Title
Chrono Pass
Coffee Beans x2
Crystal Gem of Nulgath
Cyber Gear x75
Daily Login Megaphone x20
Dark Crystal Shard
Deimos's Soul Fragment x17
Demon Chalice
Demon Soul x12
Diamond of Nulgath x21
Divine Fragment x16
Doomed Token x27
Dragon of Time Token x2
Emerald x25
Empowered Voidstone x4
Essence of Nulgath x2291
Essence of Shadow x3
Exalted Legion Token x211
Exalted Lord Token x11
EXP Elixir for Pet x5
Fragment Of Iron x4
Fragment Of Titanium
Fragments of Items
Free Megaphone x100
Gem Fragment x32
Gem of Nulgath x141
Heart of the Dragon
Key of Abyss
Klunk Defeated
Legion Token x9619
Lich Soul x24
Lucius Dungeon's Boss Key
Lucius Dungeon's Key
Magician Essence x15
Megaphone x7
Mercutio Token x18
Metal Fragments x33
Musical Fragment x183
Mystic Gold x7
Oblivion's Gem x2
Orthoclase x25
Panda Emoji Package
Pink Potion x5
Potion of Darkness x50
Potion of Dodge x50
Potion of Health x50
Potion of Mana x50
Potion of Power x50
Potion of Redness x45
Potion of Speed x50
Prove Your Loyalty #1
Prove Your Loyalty #2
Purple Queen's Potion x50
Pyrope Garnet x12
Quibble Fragment x10
Rabid Lion (Equipped)
Rayley 1st Trial Token
Restless Key
Ruby x25
Sailor Coin x7
Sapphire x25
Serpentine x9
Shadow Dust x150
Shadow Key
Shadow Token x10
Slayer A x5
Slayer B x10
Soul Collector
Soul of a God x12
Soul Of Evil x3
Soul Of Evil Fragment x10
Soul of Guardian x4
Soul Orb x5546
Soul Shard x55505
Sphene x18
Spodumene x25
Star Ruby x7
Stone of Nulgath x39
Sullen Soul Retrieved
Tainted Gem x7
Tenebris Soul Orb x33
The Secret 1
The Secret 5 x24
Token of Star x69
Totem of Nulgath
Troll Aliance!
Undefined 1 x2
Undefined 10 x6
Undefined 11 x2
Undefined 2 x4
Undefined 4 x4
Undefined 5 x2
Undefined 6 x4
Undefined 7 x6
Undefined 8 x2
Underworld Key x15
Uridrax Scales x3
Vibranium x11
Void Box of a Hundred Evilness
Void's Coin x2293
Vordred Soul x5
Voucher of Nulgath x9
Yakagawa Forest Purified
Yakagwa Token x2
Zyoo Golden Coin x4
CLASS Boost! (1 hour) x25
EXP Boost! (1 hour) x101
EXP Boost! (5 min)
GOLD Boost! (1 hour) x25
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hour) x25
FireBlood Armor Enhancement
Alteon chaos blade
Awakened Death's Requiem Blade
Bramble Ivory Blame Blade
Chaos Dragon Blade
Colorful Grenwog Carrot Kunai
Crimson Dark Lord's Dark Laserblade
Dark Burning Dragon Evolution
Decima Render
Defiler of the Ancients
Doomed Fiend of Light Blade
Dragon Knight Blade
Drakath Blade
Eye of the Void Sword
Golden Lion DragonBlade
Grenwog Worshipper Greatsword
Grimlord Blade of Nulgath
Infinity Titan Sword
Legion DragonBlade of Nulgath
Overlord's DoomBlade
Pink Chainsaw Katana
Sepulchure's Undead Blade
Soul Eater
Underworld Sigil Sword
UsEGGi Warrior's Katana
Mariachi Hero Guitar
TechnoReaper of D00m
Trophy Hunter Axe Evolved
Abyssal Lighting Orbs of Nulgath
Bramble Ivory Blame Blade and Shield
DeathMonger Accoutrements
Grievous Fiend Twin Sabers
Eggceptional Bunny Carrot Cannon
Crystals Of Love
Iron Hammer
Unarmed (Equipped)
Golden Rixty Polearm
Astravian Enforce Flapped Cap and Locks
Augmented Galactic Gladinster Head
Black Dragonslayer Helm
Chaos Queem Crown
Chewboglinster Head
Cowl of Thanatos
Cute n' Cuddly Moglin Helm
DeathMonger Helm
DragonMorph Twilly Helm
DragonMorph Zorbak Helm
Evolved Blood Guard
Evolved Fiend Helm
Evolved Void Helm
Evolved Warlord Cowl
Fiend of Light Helm + Locks
Golden Blood Of Nulgath Guard
Golden Titan Helm
Grenwog Worshipper Helmet
Grenwog Worshipper Hoodie + Mask
Grievous Fiend Morph
Immortal Lich King Horned Skull
Infinity Titan Helm Morph
Infinity Titan Locks + Crown Morph
Legion Fiend's Crested Helm
Legion Titan Crown
Lunarian Astromancer Helmet
Nulgath Face Morph
Paragon of Light Helm
Penitent Ivory Keeper Tower Helm
Penitent Keeper Tower Helm
Raptor Rider's Skull
Sepulchure's Helm (Equipped)
Underworld Eminence Flaming Skull
UsEGGi Warrior's Mask + Locks
Acheron Usurper Lord Regalia
Astravian Enforcer Cape
Bladed Cloak Of Eminence
Blazebringer Molten Blade Cape
Cape d'Amour
Cape des Coeurs
CC Paragon Cape
Chaos Cloak
Classier Rabbit Cape
Evolved Clawg Cape
Evolved Fiend Cape
Evolved Void Cape (Equipped)
Fiend of Light Wings + Tail
Floating Golden Oblivion Blades
Flying Dracolich Eyes
Galactic Gladinster Cape
Golden Cleric Wings
Grimlord Cloak of Nulgath
Guardian Shadow
Hangin' Around Pink Moglin
Infinity Stones
Ivory Usurper Lord Halo Cape
Legion Titan Cloak
NecROMANCE Hip Sheath
Phantima, Maiden of Woe
Raptor Rider's Backblades
Underworld Eminence Cloak
Underworld Eminence Wings
Vhall's Cape + Sword
Void Rift Wings
Asfargo's Third Eye Ring
PvP Necklace +1500
PvP Necklace +2000 (Equipped)
Arcane Soul Paragon
Archfiend's Collection Chest
Baby Shadow Dragon
Crimson Dark Lord's Battle Droid
Evolved Fiend Pet
Evolved Void Pet
Fiend Dragon's Companion
Fifth Sepulchure BattlePet
Golden Eye Pet
Golden Mini Nulgath Pet
Infinity Titan BattlePet
Lava Dragoblin BattlePet
Legion Evocator BattlePet
Magical Baby Dragon Nulgath
Mana Grenwog Companion
Oblivion Blade Of Nulgath Quest Pet (Equipped)
Oblivion of Nulgath
Paragon Bank Pet
Void Grenwog
Classes & Armors
Astero, Rank 10 (Equipped)
Berserker Hunter, Rank 10
Darkside, Rank 10
DoomKnight Overlord, Rank 10
DragonLord, Rank 10
Dragonsworn, Rank 10
Elemental Dracomancer, Rank 1
Fiend of Ralzic, Rank 6
Infinity Titan, Rank 9
Knight Warlord, Rank 1
Love Caster, Rank 1
Pirate Captain, Rank 9
Popstar Hatsune Miku, Rank 10
Profane, Rank 1
Acheron Usurper Lord
Archfiend DragonLord
Armure l’Amour
Astravian Cloaked Enforcer
CC Paragon Plate
Chaos Lord Alteon
Classier Rabbit
Colorful Grenwog Garb
Crimson Dark Lord Armor
Dark Shadow Knight
DracolichRider Zorbak
DragonRider Twilly
Eggceptional Bunny
Evil Bunny Suit
Evolved Blood of Nulgath
Evolved Fiend Of Nulgath
Evolved Void of Nulgath
Evolved Warlord of Nulgath
Exalted Knight of Fate
Exalted Shield Knight of Fate
Fiend of Light
Galactic Gladinster
Gilded Cupid's Toga
Golden Blood Of Nulgath Armor
Golden Titan
Grand Master Ironcrusher
Grenwog Worshipper
Grievous Fiend
GryphonClaw Warrior
Infinity Titan
Infinity Titan's Throne
Legion Titan
Nulgath Armor
Sepulchure's Armor (Equipped)
Skeletal Sacrificer
Soul Harvester
Super Prince of Vegetables
Totaly Pink Moglin Morph
Underworld Eminence Titan
Underworld Sentinel
UsEGGi Warrior
White Rabbit Suit

Castles & Houses
Bone Castle House
Chateau Swaggy (Equipped)
Dragonrune House
Hachiko Hotel
Infinity Titan Base
Lovely Night House
Lovely Noon House
Technocaster House
Vacation Castle of Nulgath
Floor & Wall Items
7th Head of Orochi
Altar of Caladbacon
BBQ and Table
Black Imp House Item
Bookshelf of Adam1a1
Cemani Dricken House Item
Chaos Egg
Coat rack
Coconut Treeant House Item
Covered Table
Covered Table with Cake
Daimyo Off Duty
Dark Dragon Summoner Guard
Dark Dragon Summoner's Portal
Dark Magician Girl Aura House Item
Deal Bot 2.0 House Item
Desk of Doom
Dr. Worm
Eternal Dragon's Treasure Pile
Fragment of Doom Statue (L)
Freaki Tiki House Item
Frost Goblin House Item
Frost Golem House Item
GIANT Mushroom Guard (R)
Gold Dragon Statue (R)
Golden Celestial Templar Guardian
Guard Duty Daimyo
Infinity Titan Gauntlet
Jaan al Ard
Jimmy The Eye
Judgemental Spectator Guard
Karrot House Guard (L)
King's Throne
Lesser Groglurk House Item
Locked Chest
Long Feast Table
Love Shrub
Mahoraga House Item
Maleagant House Item
Master Duelist Cape House Item
Mood Slime
Mop and Bucket
Mysterious Stranger Bank Vault
Nulgath House Item
Pactagonal Knight Statue (Left)
Paragon House Item
Pillar of Fire
Pit the Guitarist
Platinum Celestial Templar Guardian
Pull-Chain Toilet
Red Rug
Round Wooden Table
Royal Bed
Royal Couch
Shadow Kitchen
Shadows Of Doom
Smoothie Bar
Stone Fireplace
Table of Food
Tea For Two
Tea For Two II
Technocaster Rogue House Item
Teleporter pad
Titan Paladin Statue XL
Toxic Cauldron
Valky NPC
Void Elemental
Void Fiend House Item
Void Knight
Void Makai
Void Monk
Wandering Soul I
Wandering Soul II
White Toilet (Left)
2024 New Year's Ball
Basic Wall Lamp
Bubble Potion Shelf
Chaorrupted Root Lamp (R)
Chaos Castle Banner (R)
Chaos Eye Lamp (L)
Fishing Plaque
Mounted Ribcage Guitar
Portal to Worried Twilly
Rifle Rack
Ring of Gems
White Sink