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Aeacus Empowered x4
Aluminum x186
Amber x20
Approval of Nulgath x156
Archfiend's Favor x384
Bag of Abyss x398
Basic Emoji Package
Black Ink x14
Blood From the Void x20
Blue Whisp Core x17
Bone Sigil x59
Bones x91
Bravery Medal x10
Cataclysm Power x6
Chaos Token x34
Chicken Beef x3
Christmas Title
Chrono Essence x166
Chrono Pass
Chronolord Essence x31
Citrine x5
Cleric's Cross x5
Cold Essence x4
Crystal Gem of Nulgath x45
Crystal Green
Crystal of Balance x3
Crystal of Legion x6
Crystal of Power x2
Cycle Token x50
D-O-X Penguin Defeated x22
Daily Login Megaphone x20
Dark Makai Defeated x500
Demonic Project Type: [Y] x2
Diabolical Preparation x7
Diamond of Void x3
Divine Cloth
Divine Fragment
Divine Ornament
Draconian of Time Head x645
Dragon Fragment x500
Dragon Heart x2
Dragon Platinum Head x61
Dragon Sliver Head x118
Element Sac x5
Essence of Nulgath x219
Essence of Slime x16
Essence Of Unknown x25
Exalted Legion Token x111
Exalted Lord Token x5
EXP Elixir for Pet x8
Fear Toxic Blood x5
Frag. Crystal x100
Frag. Crystal Fire x4
Frag. Crytal Purple x5
Fragment of Doom x80
Fragment of the Gods x6
Free Megaphone x45
Futurelegion Clear
Gem of Nulgath x65
Gem of Void x3
Golden Fragment x10
Green Whisp Core x200
Grimlord Blood x215
Grimlord's Token x16
Inquisitor Soul x30
Key of Vorefax
Legion Brutus Medal
Legion Token x2521
Lord of Order Token
Loyalty of Nulgath x86
Loyalty Token x2
Maculated Energy x15
Master Musical Fragment
Matter of the Dead
Metal Fragments x23
Mirror Cohort Conquered x500
Mirror Realm Token x3
Musical Fragment
Mythical Fragment of Soul x4
Nulgath's Approval x2
Orthoclase x11
Paragon Essence x46
Part of Dragon Beef x2
Sand x480
Sand Elemental Soul x150
Sanguine Of Darkness x8
Shadow Dust x150
Soul of a God x6
Soul of Guardian x5
Soul Shard x21766
Spodumene x4
Stack of Souls x3
Stone of Nulgath x25
Strogia Token
Tethered Soul x300
Thanatos's Dark Energy x4
The Secret 5 x7
Time Essence x129
Time Wraith Essence x32
Token of Hero x193
Totem of Void x33
Totem Shard of Nulgath x30
Treasure Token x2
Undead Soul x3
Undead's Soul
Undefined 1 x9
Undefined 10 x3
Undefined 11 x14
Undefined 2 x13
Undefined 3 x14
Undefined 4 x15
Undefined 5 x8
Undefined 6 x5
Undefined 7 x15
Undefined 8 x10
Undefined 9 x12
Underworld Key x19
Void Crystal Shard x9
Void Essence x148
Void of Nulgath Token x72
Void's Coin x1914
Wailed Frag x8
Wailed Frozen x29
Xyv's Key
Silent Contract of the Evil
CLASS Boost! (1 hour) x24
EXP Boost! (1 hour) x58
EXP Boost! (5 min)
GOLD Boost! (1 hour) x25
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hour) x25
Binky's Uni-horn
CC Infernal Blade
Champion Blade of Diohgo
CryoTime Judgement
Doom Blade
Grimlord Blade of Nulgath
Hex Blade of Nulgath
Infernal Blade of Malice
Mirror Chronomancer's Star Sword
Mirrored Samurai's Star Sword
Mirrored Twin's Star Sword
Nocturnal Blade of Malice
Oblivion Blade of Nulgath
Obsidian Dragon Sword
The Blade of Apparition
Trigoras Energy Axe
Blood Daggers of Diohgo
CC FrostWolf Daggers
Darkness Talons
Dragon Bow
SoulForge Hammer
Shadow Spear of Nulgath
Darkside Staff
Evil Archmage Staff
Cowl of Thanatos
Fancy 2022 New Years Hat
Fiend Face of Nulgath
Golden Dragon Slayer Trophy
Grimlord Face of Nulgath
Helm of the Highlord
Hex Mask of Nulgath
CC FrostWolf Cape
Elite Void Spiked Cape
Grimlord Cloak of Nulgath
Grimlord Mane of Nulgath
Guardian Shadow
Highlord's Void Wrap
Shadow of Sepulchure
Asfargo's Third Eye Ring
Pineapple Ring
Simple Ring of Legion
Arcane Soul Paragon
Blade Master BattlePet
Cespect Battlepet
Chaos Lord Warrior Pet
Dark Harbinger Blade Bank Pet
Dark Makai of Nulgath
Frostval Swindle
Love Twilly Ailuig Assistant
Nulgath Birthday Gift
Oblivion Blade Of Nulgath Quest Pet
Paragon Fiend Quest Pet
Pearl of Light Lantern Pet
Pixel Bank Pet
Scrap Pet
Classes & Armors
Bikini, Rank 6
CardClasher, Rank 2
Chaos, Rank 10
Chunin, Rank 7
Dark Caster, Rank 10
Darkside, Rank 10
Deadpool, Rank 10
Demon Slayer, Rank 10
DragonLord, Rank 10
Elemental Dracomancer, Rank 6
Enforcer, Rank 1
Immortal Dark Caster, Rank 10
Knight Warlord, Rank 7
Legion Symbiote, Rank 10
Mage, Rank 5
No Class, Rank 1
Paladin, Rank 10
Popstar Hatsune Miku, Rank 10
Profane, Rank 7
PumpkinLord, Rank 10
Royal Oracle, Rank 1
Star Lord, Rank 10
Timeless Dark Caster, Rank 10
Undead Sand, Rank 10
Void Walker, Rank 10
Aurora Caller
Carnage Voids of Nulgath
Dark Shadow Knight
Fiend of Nulgath
Galactic LightCaster
Grimlord of Nulgath
Ken Kaneki
Shadow of Nulgath
Soul Harvester
Void Highlord Armor
Void of Nulgath
Warlord of Nulgath

Castles & Houses
Carnaval House
Floor & Wall Items
Fragment of Doom Statue (L)
Fragment of Doom Statue (R)
Shadows Of Doom