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Amber x5
Basic Fruits x7
Black Knight Essence
Black Knight Orb
Blood from the void x20
Blood Stone x29
Blood Titan
Bone Sigil x250
Bones x555
Bravery Medal x245
Bunch of Bones x151
Chaos Token x500
Chicken Beef x7
Cloth x30
Cold X Token x23
Corrupted Time Fragments x6
Crystal Fire
Crystal Purple
Cursed Sealant Capsule [NON-VIP] x58
D-O-X Penguin Defeated x1000
Daily Login Megaphone x44
Daimond of Klunk x31
Dark Crystal Shard x15
Dark Makai Defeated x500
Demon Chalice
Demon Heart x6
Demon Soul x200
Demoniac Project [A]
Demoniac Project [Z]
Demonic project type: [Y]
Diabolical's Token x10
Diamond of Nulgath x3
Divine Archer token x16
Dracolich token x2
Dragon Beef x3
Dragon Fragment x196
Dre Coin x1000
Emblem of Nulgath x93
Emerald x7
Enchanted Stone x1045
Essence of Nulgath x65
Essence of Shadow x2
Essence of Slime x500
Eternal Essence
Frag. Crystal Fire x3
Fragment of the Gods x7
Fragments of items
Free Happiness Potion x3
Frost X Token x2
Galactica Singularity x2
Gem of Nulgath x57
General Soul
Golden Ticket x34
Grimlord Blood x6
Grimlord's Token x20
Hometown Coin x1000
Honor Stone
Inquisitor Soul x30
Jade x2
Legion Essence x584
Legion Token x1152
Lich Stone x100
Light Token x3
Love Token x24
Loyalty of Nulgath x494
Lucky Brand IX
Lycan x45
Maculated Energy x15
Magic Energy of The Dead x100
Master Good Token x24
Matter of the dead x15
Mercutio Token x147
Metal Of The Empty x55
Monster Christmas Token x40
Mystic gold x435
Nation of Nulgath x26
Nightmare goo defeated
Obliterator Orb
Orthoclase x3
Paragon Essence x75
Parchment of Ranger
Pieces of meat x5
Potion of Health x2
Potion of Mana x3
Potion of Power
Potion of Speed x4
PureGold Bar
Purple Queen's Potion x4
Sacred Contract
Sailor Coin x4
Scrap of Cloth x25
Simple Cupcake x7
Snow Token x380
Soul Of A God x27
Soul Shard x41104
Soul Stone
Sphene x2
Spirit of Christmas x250
Spirit of Revontheus
Spookeasy boss token x10
Spookeasy token x25
Strogia token x133
Student Title
Tainted Gem x9
Teasure Big Jellyfish x50
Teasure Kathool x30
Terrarium Token x5
The Secret 1
The Secret 3
Token boat x25
Token Of Hero x9
Token of Naval x2
Token of Star x250
Top Hat
Ultra Blood Titan
Ultra Wolfwing
Ultra Xing
Undead's Soul x2
Vertigo Soul x14
Viet defeated x10
Vordred Soul x30
Voucher of Nulgath
Wheel Of Doom Token x2
Daily CLASS Boost! (1 hour) x33
Daily EXP Boost! (1 hour) x47
Daily GOLD Boost! (1 hour) x34
Daily REPUTATION Boost! (1 hour) x51
EXP Boost! (5 min)
Angelic Sword
Blade of the Wicked
Blood Blade
CC Frost Worn
CC Infernal Blade
Cyber Blade
Dark Sword
Death Sword
Default Sword
Demon Sword
Demonic Sword
Electric Blade XG
Infernal Blade of Malice
Legendary Magma Sword
Legion Platinum Paragon Sword
Nocturnal Blade of Malice
Royal Flame Sword
Shadow Phoenix Rapier
Shadowscythe of Z Blade
ShadowZard Dagger
WarpForce Black BeamSword
Wrath Of Nemo
CC Voltaire Guitar
Cruel Axe of Midnight
Patriotic Light of Destiny
Runed Patriotic Light of Destiny
Alternative Mana Orbs
Blood Daggers of Diohgo
Darkness Talons
Evolved Grenadier Blasters
FrostWolf Daggers
Mysterious Daggers
Prismatic Aura Sword
Prismatic Flames Of The Avatar [Rare]
Shadow Phoenix Dual
ShadowZard Dagger + Lance
ShadowZard Dagger + Shield
Evolved Grenadier Blaster
Rail Gun
Baphomet Slayer Bow
Dual Ducky Naval Lolipop
Pyro FireBall
Random Item of Laf
Blade of Corruption
Blade of the Dead
CC Darkon Scythe
CC Dragon Scythe
Custom Inqui Spear
Infernal Warlord's Polearm
Oblivion Spear of Golden Dragon
Soul Harvester Spear
Spear of Demons
Ultimate Warseeker's Scythe
Cruel Staff of the Fallen
Dark Wizard Disparage
Celestial Obliterator Staff
Bandit Bandana Color
Block Head Blue
CC DageArcher Crown
CC Liberty Hair
CC Reindeer Shag with Nose
Danarino Primal Headdress
Danarino Primal Headdress Locks
Dark Stalker's Cap
Evolved Grenadier GasMask
Evolved Grenadier Hair
Evolved Grenadier Helm
Evolved Grenadier Locks
Evolved Grenadier Locks Mask
Frostval Nutcracker Morph Hat
Golden Demonhunter
Golden Fury Helm
Lightning Emperor Morph
Lightning Empress
Natsu Hair + CC Headphone
Prismatic Alchemical Band
Punk Hair
Pyro Pony Tail Morph F
Pyro Pony Tail Morph M
Red Dragon Festival Helm
Sand Bandit's Shave
Scream of Shadow Phoenix
Sepulchure Helm CC
Sepulchure's Helm
Shadow Slayer Hair
Shadow Slayer Hair 2
Shadow Slayer Hair 3
Shadow Slayer King Crown
Black Matrix cape of Revontheus
CC Rainbow Revontheus Rune
Frozen Dawn Rays
Golden Fury Cape
Golden Sigil of the North
Grenade Launcher On The Back
Hollow Astral DragonBlade
Kezeroth's Cape
Looming Legion Paragon
Pyro Minion
Shadow Feathers of Phoenix
Shadow of Sepulchure
SoulKeeper On your Back
Super Full Moon Cape
PvP Necklace +15000
PvP Necklace +20000
Vampire Lord Necklace
Apocalyptic DragonLord Quest Pet
Archfiend Overlord Minion
Blinding Larvae
Enfield Pet
Eternal Phonenix Pet
Frostval Swindle
Gneta Kart Pet
Golden Blood Bank Pet
Golden Crowned Northern Snowball
Legion Skeleton
Legion Skull Paragon Pet
Legion Sneevil Assistant
Maniac MiniDage
Milton Pool Mito Pet
Mini Dage & Plushies
Mood Slime Pet
Nulgath Birthday Gift
Nully Claws Pet
Paragon Fiend Quest Pet
Prism Energy Flameletter Pet
Revontheus Baby Rewards
Social Drakath (Battle/Quest's) Pet
True HyperRainbow
Classes & Armors
Abyssal Lord Class, Rank 10
Acolyte, Rank 10
Arcane Commander Class, Rank 10
Archer Class, Rank 10
Black Knight Class, Rank 10
Chaos Class, Rank 10
ClawSuit Class, Rank 5
Corrupted Chronomancer, Rank 10
Darkside Class, Rank 10
DoomKnight Overlord Class, Rank 10
Dwarf Knight Class, Rank 10
Elemental Dracomancer, Rank 2
Frozen Knight Class, Rank 10
Frozen Mage Class, Rank 10
General Cavemancer Class, Rank 10
Immortal Dark Caster Class, Rank 10
Invisible No Class, Rank 1
Knight, Rank 6
Mystic Knight Class, Rank 1
Profane Class, Rank 10
Saboteur, Rank 1
Singularity, Rank 10
4KKO Golden Warrior
Battle Track Suit
Black Royal Knight
CC Alpha Pirate Armor
CC Rainbow Revontheus
Dragon Alchemist
Evolved Grenadier
Hunter's Attire
Infernal Naval Commander
Ken Kaneki
Kezeroth's Armor
Legion Platinum Paragon
Obsidian Samurai
Paragon Naval Commander
Prismatic Avenger Uniform
Punk Armor
Revontheus Wings Armor
Sepulchure Armor CC
Shadow Phoenix
Shadow Slayer Armor
Summon Pyro
Yokai Senshi

Castles & Houses
Brightfall Fotress
M4tr1x Castle of Nulgath
Paragon Helm House
Vacation Castle of Nulgath
Voltaire's Hat
Zazul's House
Floor & Wall Items
Altar Of Caladbolg
Altar Of Ragnarok
Altar Of Sanguine
Covered Table with Cake
Covered table with Gifts
Faerie Forest Tree
Inverted Well
King's Throne
Love Shrub
Magical Bonfire
Mood Slime
Pile of Presents!!!
Portal To The Unknown
Red Rug
Rotating Floor Map
Shadowseer House Guard
Teleporter pad
Void Elemental
Void Makai
Void Wyrm