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4KKO Gold Token
Bone Sigil x310
Chaos Token x480
Chrono Pass
Cursed Sealant Capsule [NON-VIP] x12
Dark Makai Defeated x500
Divine Fragment
Emblem of Nulgath
Essence of Nulgath x345
Essence of Unknown x1756
EXP Elixir for Pet x5
Gem of Nulgath x38
Grimlord's Token x20
Key of Vorefax
Legion Token x5
Lich Stone x41
Loyalty Token x2
Maculated Energy x15
Nation of Nulgath x2
Soul Of A God x3
Soul Shard x26423
Strogia token
Test Loyal Commander Token x302500
Vordred Soul x30
CLASS Boost! (1 hour) x39
EXP Boost (30 min)
EXP Boost! (1 hour) x3
EXP Boost! (5 min)
GOLD Boost! (1 hour) x43
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hour) x41
Blinding Light of Destiny
Bright Warlord of Nulgath Blade
Doom Lord Vordred Sword
DragonBlade of Nulgath
Evolved Champion of Order Blade
Golden Caladbolg
Overfiend Blade of Nulgath
Sepulchure's Undead Blade
Abyssal Lighting Orbs of Nulgath
Dual Dragon Flame
Dragon Flame
Golden Axe
Scarbucks Espresso Cup
SoulForge Hammer
Time Dimensional Hourglass
Bright Warlord of Nulgath Helm
CC Paragon Helm
Dage The Good Helm
Deep Diver Helmet
Doom Lord Vordred Helm
Inverted Head
Lucky Hat
Mirror Drakath Morph
Nulgath Face Morph
Nulgath Horns
Sepulchure's Helm
Wild Shades
BeastWings of Vokun
Bright Warlord of Nulgath Wrap
CC Paragon Cape
Dage The Good Cape
Doom Lord Vordred Cape
Evolved Champion of Order Cape
Asfargo's Third Eye Ring
Vampire Lord Necklace
Battlefiend Blade of Nulgath
Dark Makai of Nulgath
Nulgath Birthday Gift
Zorbak Bank Pet
Classes & Armors
Beginner Class, Rank 10
Bikini Class, Rank 5
CardClasher Class, Rank 10
Chaos Class, Rank 10
Chrono Revenant, Rank 10
Dark Caster Class, Rank 10
Darkblood Stormking Class, Rank 10
Darkside Class, Rank 10
DoomKnight Overlord Class, Rank 10
DragonLord Class, Rank 1
Enforcer Class, Rank 5
Evolved PumpkinLord Class, Rank 10
Fiend of Ralzic Class, Rank 10
Firemancer Class, Rank 1
Flame Dragon Warrior, Rank 10
Frozen Knight Class, Rank 10
Good Class, Rank 5
Immortal Dark Caster Class, Rank 10
Infinite Dark Caster Class, Rank 10
Legendary Hero, Rank 10
Legion Symbiote Class, Rank 10
Love Caster Class, Rank 10
Musician Class, Rank 10
Necromancer Class, Rank 10
No Class, Rank 1
Paladin Class, Rank 10
Profane Class, Rank 10
Rainbow Class, Rank 10
Royal Cryomancer Class, Rank 10
Rustbucket Class, Rank 1
Thief of Hours, Rank 5
Timeless Dark Caster Class, Rank 10
Unicornman Class, Rank 10
Bright Warlord of Nulgath
Card Clasher Armor
CC Paragon Plate
Dage The Good
Dark Paladin
Doom Lord Vordred
DoomKnight Overlord Armor
Nulgath Armor
Prime Champion Of Order
Warlord of Nulgath

Castles & Houses
Vacation Castle of Nulgath
Floor & Wall Items