Get Laf Project Launcher


4kko Gold Token x5
Aerodux x153
Aether Dust x633
Almandine Garnet x25
Aluminum x39
Amber x25
Ancient Cohort Conquered x520
Antidote Crystal Bottle
Approval of Nulgath x8
Aquamarine x25
Archfiend Soul x30
Archfiend's Favor x10
Aura of Happiness x2
Aura of Pleasure x2
Azurite x25
Bag of Abyss x40
Beast Hunter Approval
Bequeathed Lord Soul Shard x33
Black Dragon Egg x5
Black Knight Essence x11
Blood From the Void x100
Blue Egg x4
Blue Whisp Core x252
Bone Sigil x4010
Bones x195
Bravery Medal x500
BrutalDage Soul
Brutus Card
Bunch of Bones x1417
Celestial Coins x25
Chaos Token x1000
Chicken Beef x15
Chickencow Egg x6
Chrono Pass
Chronolord Essence x166
Citrine x11
Cleric's Cross x3
Cold Token x16
Colorizer x146
Commander Token x17
Crystal Gem x26
Crystal of Balance x6
Crystal of Chaos x6
Crystal of Legion x6
Crystal of Power
Crystal of Storm x11
Crystal Shard x4
Cycle Token x50
Daily Login Megaphone x20
Daimond of Klunk x18
Dark Crystal Shard
Dark Makai Defeated x2
Dark Remnants x34
Darkblood Cohort Conquered x12233
Darkness Contract
Darkness Token x134
Death x4
Decomposed Debris x3
Demon Chalice
Demon Heart x5
Demon Soul x83
Despair King Heart x58
Diabolical Token x450
Diamond of Nulgath x21
Dispel Power x61
Divine Ornament
Dolaas's Fire x3
Doomed Token x2
Doomwood Cohort Conquered x30
DOX Penguin Defeated x790
Draconian of Time Head x528
Dragon Cohort Conquered x40
Dragon Egg
Dragon Fragment x500
Dragon of Time Token x26
Dragon Platinum Head x424
Dragon Purple Shard x818
Dragon Sliver Head x69
Dragon Tri Shard x128
Drakon Shadow Souls x1032
Dwarfhold Master Key
Dwarven Secret
Easter Chocolate
Element Sac x4
Elemental Essence x80
Emblem of Nulgath x138
Emerald x25
Empowered Voidstone x87
Essence of Luxuria x3
Essence of Nulgath x1059
Essence of Shadow x84
Exalted Lord Token x50
Fear Toxic Blood x42
Fire Egg
Forger x35
Fragment of Doom x150
Fragment of the Gods
Fragments of Items x50
Free Megaphone x93
Futurelegion Clear
Galaxy Core
Gem of Nulgath x476
General Defeated x16
Glacial x4
Golden Fragment x10
Green Egg
Green Whisp Core x276
Grim Cohort Conquered x23
Grimlord Blood x701
Groglurk Blood x8
Hatir's Fire x5
Head of Void x30
Heart of the Dragon x631
Heroes Shard x50
High Golden Ingot x5
High Mithril Ingot x5
Holy Fire x11
Holy Umbra x52
Holy Unstable Energy
Hometown Coin x543
Hometown Coin x40
Hometown Key
Ice Token x44
Infernal General Defeated x100
Infinity Fragment x50
Jade x25
Jade Powder x10
Jade Powder’s Bag x12
Jequis Chest Fragment x8
Jequis Chest Token x360
Key of Abyss
Key of Vorefax
Klunk Defeated x157
Kurama Chakra x22
Lapis Lazuli x22
Legion Essence x149
Legion Token x1505
Lesser Mithril Ingot x20
Lich King Heart x52
Lich Stone x40
Light Hope x50
Lingering Flame x7
Lost Soul x19
Loyalty Token
Lucius Dungeon Point x24
Lucius Dungeon's Boss Key
Lucius Dungeon's Key
Maculated Energy x25
Magician Essence x15
Master Legion Token x20
Master Musical Fragment x3
Master Note x3
Matter of the Dead x42
Mega Circle Medal x121
Mercutio Token x396
Miltonius x5
Miltonius Soul
Mind Stone
Mirror Realm Token x88
Musical Fragment x101
Mystic Gold x539
Nation Draconian Soul x16
Nation Dragon Scales x2
Ninja Token x5
Nostine Defeated x35
Nulgath's Approval x18
Oblivion's Gem x2
Olympus Sigil x18
OP Code x294
Orthoclase x25
Paladin Armament x32
Paragon Essence x45
Part of Dragon Beef x123
Pastel Grenwog Watergun
Penguin Slayer x30
Penitent Essence x181
Power Stone
Prismatic Core x3
Project: Dimensional Key
Purgatory Essence x53
Pyrope Garnet x25
Rainbow Gem x38
Rare Essence x2
Rare note
Ray Undead Skull x29
Rayley 1st Trial Token x50
Rayley 2nd Trial Token x30
Rayley 3rd Trial Token x30
Rayley Approval x80
Reality Stone x2
Restless Key
Rose Emblem x8
Ruby x25
Rusted Iron Chunks x192
Sand x264
Sandye x242
Sanity Lure
Sapphire x25
Scrap of Cloth x25
Serpentine x14
Shadow Dust x42
Shadow Extract x8
Shadow Fragment x20
Shadow Guardian Defeated x35
Shadow Key
Shadow Soul x2
Shaped Wood
Shimmering Scroll x30
Sinned Energy
Sinned Ink x96
Sistine x15
Six Approval x50
Skeleton Bones x8
Slayer B x10
Small Meat x639
Soul Collector
Soul of Blight x7
Soul of Guardian x30
Soul of Olympus x14
Soul of Underworld Keeper x300
Soul Shard x98694
Soul Stone
Souls of Xlight x303
Space Stone
Sphene x25
Spider Wires x168
Spirit Cohort Conquered x940
Spodumene x25
Star Death x16
Star Ruby x19
Star Token V
Stareater Sphere x15
Stone of Nulgath x3
Strogia Token x23
Tainted Gem x15
Taro Soul x102
The Power of a Barber
The Secret 5 x13
Thunder Gem x26
Time Essence x356
Time Stone
Time Wraith Essence x206
Token of Olympus x279
Token of Star x76
Totem of Void x27
Totem Shard of Nulgath x944
Treasure Token x111
Trox Heart x56
Ultimated Exalted Contract
Ultra Blood Titan x11
Ultra Kitsune x3
Undead Soul x300
Undead's Soul x2
Undefined 1 x20
Undefined 10 x20
Undefined 11 x22
Undefined 2 x20
Undefined 3 x26
Undefined 4 x21
Undefined 5 x45
Undefined 6 x10
Undefined 7 x10
Undefined 8 x20
Undefined 9 x47
Underworld Aliance x24
Uridrax Scales x154
Valsarian Scales x19
Valuable Box x2
Vertigo Heart x76
Vertigo Soul x58
Vial of Violence x3
Vibranium x25
Void Box of a Hundred Evilness
Void Crystal A
Void Crystal Shard x6
Void Energy X x2205
Void Energy Y x16
Void Essence x58
Void of Nulgath Token x167
Void Reaper Heart x102
Void Shard x100
Void Spell x18
Void's Coin x1464
Voucher of Nulgath x4
Well Key
Xyv's Blue Card
Xyv's Green Card
Xyv's Yellow Card
CLASS Boost! (1 hour) x25
EXP Boost! (1 hour) x22
GOLD Boost! (1 hour) x25
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hour) x25
Airenal Sword
Edge Of The Void
Mirror Chronomancer's Star Sword
Mirrored Bard's StarGuitar
Mirrored Djinn's Star Sword
Mirrored King's Star Sword
Mirrored Knight's Star Sword
Mirrored Mage's Star Sword
Mirrored Mana Star Sword
Mirrored Prophet's Star Sword
Mirrored Samurai's Star Sword
Mirrored Twin's Star Sword
Mirrored Werepyre's Star Sword
Servant Solo Scythe Of Shadow Monarch
SoulTaker Of Darkness CC
Toji's Weapon
Pyroclastic BeastMaster's Great-Axe
Airenal Polearm + Sword
Airenal Sword + Staff
Dual CC Doritos
Dual Chaos Dragon Blade
Dual Custom Singularity Saw
Dual Dark Tiger's Fang
Dual Flame Champion
Dual Hollowborn BeastMaster's Great-Axe
Dual Necronium Sword (Equipped)
Kitsune Kukolnyy Katanas
Nobara's Hammer and Nails
Servant Dual Scythe Of Shadow Monarch
Shadowbound Claws
Star-Eater's Void Flare
Shadowbound Pistol
Reaper's Crossbow
Cursed Energy
Airenal Polearm
Assault Mode Meliodas Polearm
Sweet Spring Mage's Polearm
Airenal Staff
The Lich King Stave
Buffed Merlin Helm (Equipped)
Cutie Lock's Horn (Wearing)
Happy Magic Panda Face
Sad Magic Panda Face
Satoru Gojo's Hair
Satoru Gojo's Shades
CC Shadow of Sepulchure
Legion Seraph Rune Cape CC
Scar Rune Cape (Equipped)
Shadowbound Skulls (Wearing)
Shenlong Guardian
Dracolich Lord Aura (Equipped)
Asfargo's Third Eye Ring
King Drago's Ring (Equipped)
4KKO Chest Pet
Golden Cute Octopus (Equipped)
Oblivion Blade Of Nulgath Quest Pet
Silent Evil Spirit
Classes & Armors
Arcane Commander, Rank 10
Archer Hunter, Rank 10 (Equipped)
Astero, Rank 10
Barber, Rank 10
Berserker Hunter, Rank 10
Dark Caster, Rank 10
Darkblood Stormking, Rank 10
Darkside, Rank 10
Frozen Knight, Rank 10
Insurgent Knight, Rank 10
Invisible No Class, Rank 10
Legion Symbiote, Rank 10
Legion Time Master, Rank 10
Love Caster, Rank 10
Mage, Rank 10
Paladin, Rank 10
PaladinSlayer, Rank 10
Popstar Hatsune Miku, Rank 10
Alucard's Armor (Wearing)
Aqua Naval Commander
ClawSuit Naval Commander (Equipped)
Covid-19 Doctor
Final Armor V3
Hollow Revenant
PaladinSlayer Naval Commander
Satoru Gojo
Shadow Fiend
Shadowbound Vessel
Shadowbound Voyager
Undead Goat Commander
Void Knight
Yuji Itadori

Castles & Houses
Legion Retreat
Vacation Castle of Nulgath (Equipped)
Floor & Wall Items
Altar Of Ragnarok
Altar Of Sanguine
Archfiend Klunk House Item
Badger Brigade Guard
Balsamic Vinegar
Blue-Eyes Dragon House Item
Broccoli House Guard (R)
Chibi Zazul House Item
Dark Magician Girl Aura House Item
Eternal Dragon's Treasure Pile
Fragment of Doom Statue (L)
Fragment of Doom Statue (R)
Karrot House Guard (L)
Karrot House Guard (R)
La House Item
Lesser Groglurk House Item
Love Shrub
Napkin on Plate
Nation Draconian House Item
Nulgath House Item
Overfiend Blade House Item
Oversoul Fiend Vampire House Item
Paragon House Item
Pepper Shaker
Pile of Gold
Shadows Of Doom
Smaras House Item
Sneevil King House Item
Taro House Item
Tin Can
Valky NPC
Vegetable Prince House Guard (R)
Void Fiend House Item
2024 New Year's Ball