Get Laf Project Launcher


Aether Dust x50
Almandine Garnet x19
Amber x25
Aquamarine x2
Ashray Blood Sample x17
Bag of Abyss x46
Basic Emoji Package
Big Meat x7
Bravery Medal x105
BrutalDage Soul x20
Cataclysm Power x352
Chaotic Token x61
Chicken Beef x3
Chrono Pass
Citrine x7
Condensed Void x5
Crystal Gem of Nulgath x49
Daily Login Megaphone x20
Demon Chalice
Demon Soul x450
Dimensional Key [No Load]
Divine Fragment x7
Divine Ornament
Doomed Token x536
Dragon of Time Soul
Dragon of Time Token x37
Dragon Platinum Head x126
Dragon Sliver Head x147
Dwarfhold Master Key
Emblem of Nulgath x60
Emerald x13
Essence of Geryon x64
Essence Of The Abyss x8
Exalted Legion Token x412
Exalted Lord Token x50
EXP Elixir for Pet x54
Fortune Ticket
Free Megaphone x57
Futurelegion Clear
Gem of Nulgath x20
Golden Fragment x10
Greed Token x2
Hatir's Fire x2
High Golden Ingot x111
High Mithril Ingot x105
Hometown Coin x120
Hometown Key
Jade x3
Lapis Lazuli
Legion Token x6459
Lingering Flame x66
Lost Soul x2
Loyalty Token x49
Mega Circle Medal x5059
Mind Stone
Musical Fragment x2
Orthoclase x25
Part of Dragon Beef x7
Penguin Slayer x30
Potion of Darkness x5
Potion of Dodge x5
Potion of Health x5
Potion of Mana x5
Potion of Power x5
Potion of Redness x5
Potion of Speed x5
Purple Queen's Potion x5
Pyrope Garnet x11
Reality Stone
Restless Key
Rich Status
Ruby x24
Sandye x698
Sapphire x5
Shadow Dust x150
Shadow Key
Shimmering Scroll x8
Sinned Energy x8
Small Meat x715
Soul Collector
Soul of a God x4
Soul Of Evil x6
Soul Of Evil Fragment x4
Soul of Olympus x3
Soul Orb x9
Soul Shard x39931
Soul Stone
Sphene x2
Spodumene x25
Star Ruby x2
Stone of Nulgath x7
The Secret 5 x3
Thunder Emerald x160
Time Stone
Token of Olympus x23
Ubear X Pass x11
Ultimated Exalted Contract
Undefined 1 x3
Undefined 10 x11
Undefined 11 x16
Undefined 2 x11
Undefined 3 x10
Undefined 4 x7
Undefined 5 x16
Undefined 6 x3
Undefined 7 x5
Undefined 8 x2
Undefined 9 x12
Underworld Aliance x65
Vibranium x9
Void Box of a Hundred Evilness
Void Energy X x1899
Void of Nulgath Token x50
Void's Coin x18
Voidstone x8
Well Key
Xyv's Blue Card
CLASS Boost! (1 hour) x25
EXP Boost! (1 hour) x19
EXP Boost! (5 min)
GOLD Boost! (1 hour) x24
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hour) x18
FireBlood Armor Enhancement
FireBlood Cape Enhancement
FireBlood Weapon Enhancement
Chaotic Sword Of The Multiverse
National Treasure Map
Paladin Cremator Broadsword
Paladin Cremator Greatsword
Ultima Balmud
Ultimate DragonBlade
Dual CC Poke It
Dual Demon Sword Lostvayne
Dual Paladin Cremator Broadsword
Dual Paladin Cremator Greatsword
Memeat Formal Cleavers
Buffed Love Hammer
Emissary Void Dragon Scythe
Avatar's Flame Guard
Dissonant Shako Hat
Doom Ranger Hat
Doom The Master Hat
Emissary Void Dragon Hood
Eternal Manifestation Morph
Forte Beret
Helm of the Highlord
Meliodas Half Demon Transform Morph
Memeat Formal Locks
Pink Waddles Helm
Pyroclastic Death Helm
Pyroclastic Death Plate
Rhapsodic Shako Hat
Shark Diver Hair
Shark Diver Hood
Shark Diver Hood Morph
Shark Diver Hooded Locks
Shark Diver Locks
Shark Diver Morph
Shark Diver Visage
Starry-Eyed Empress Morph
Autumnal Red Panda
Avatar's Flame Banners
Avatar's Flame Spikes
Blazebringer's Runes
Blessed Knight Wings
Bloodmoon Faerie Backblade
Bloodmoon Faerie Double Wings
Bloodmoon Faerie Great Wings
Bloodmoon Faerie Scythe Cape
Bloodmoon Faerie Sparkles
Bloodmoon Faerie's Wings
Bloody Cape
Burning Pyromancer's Wrap
Camera 1
Chains of Mental Control
Dark Energy Cape
Despair King Cape
Dreadnought's Wrap
Emissary Void Dragon Portal
Enchanted Xan's Guardian
Enraged Pyromancer's Wrap
Eternal Manifestation Spikes
Eternal Manifestation Wings
Fur-ious Cape of Doom
Furred Shoulder Cape
Golden Enchanted Pyro Wrap
Gravelyn's Champion Wings
Grief's Shrine Bank Cape
Highlord's Void Wrap
Honored Mouse Tail
Jus Divinum Major Cape
Legion FiendHunter Rune
Legion Scroll Cape
Light Blade of Evil Cape
Light Blade of Good Cape
Paragon Greatsword Cape
Paragon of DOOM's Cloak
Paragon of DOOM's Cloak + Spikes
Pixel On Your Back
Pyroclastic Paladinslayer Cape
Red Rune
Sheathed Melody Of The Rose
Silver Enchanted Pyro Wrap
Starry Samurai's BackSwords
Stellar Royalty's Cape
Stellar Royalty's Hip Blade
Stellar Royalty's Rune
Toxic Diviner Rune
Trox Shadow
Virtuous Condor Wings
Xan's Enraged Guardian
Asfargo's Third Eye Ring
Chibi Pyroclastic Paladinslayer
Dage's Collection Chest 2018
Dark Harbinger Blade Bank Pet
Dark Harbinger Blade Pet
Gold Bean Twilly
Horse Pet of DDTANK
Legion Flying Skull V2
Maniac Minidage
Meat Nubbin Pet
Micro DIE Fighter
Micro DIE Fighter Battlepet
Oblivion Blade Of Nulgath Quest Pet
Oversoul Black Dragon Battlepet
Oversoul Black Dragon Pet
Paragon Greatsword Pet
Pearl of Light Lantern Pet
Platinum Bean Twilly
Pyroclastic Paladinslayer Head
Shadows of Sakura Fox
Silent Good Spirit
Tainted Harbinger Blade Bank Pet
Tainted Harbinger Blade Pet
Twilly Bank Pet
UIoDA Chest
Very Canadian Beaver
Whisp Time Blue BattlePet
Whisp Time Green BattlePet
Wrathful Skull Pet
Classes & Armors
Dragonsworn, Rank 10
Legion Time Master, Rank 10
Nephthys, Rank 10
Popstar Hatsune Miku, Rank 2
Soul Servant, Rank 10
Void Walker, Rank 10
Avatar's Flame
Bluefin Shark Diver
Brutal Harvest Legion
Buffed War Cultist
Darkness Flame Revenger
Deathwave Necrostar
Dissonant Bandmaster
Emissary Void Dragon Cloak
Envy Armor
Eternal Manifestation
Great White Shark Diver
Pyroclastic Paladinslayer
Rhapsodic Bandmaster
Satisfied Kitty Armor
Symphonic Bandmaster
Void Highlord Armor

Castles & Houses
2D Moistverse House
Floor & Wall Items
Caramel Egg
Creme Egg
Eternal Dragon's Treasure Pile
GIANT Mushroom Guard (R)
Golden Egg
Major Mushroom Guard (R)
Paragon House Item
Rainbow Egg
Shadow Egg