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Black Destiny Core
Bravery Medal x25
Chaos Token x30
Corrupted Legion Destroyer Medal
Daily Login Megaphone x2
Dark Makai Defeated x8
Demon Soul x73
Divine Fragment x5
Element Sac
Essence of Nulgath x2
Fear Toxic Blood x3
Marvel Emojis Package
Mercutio Token x193
Part of Dragon Beef
Pumpkin Vineyards x20
Soul Of A God x2
Soul Shard x93
Ultra Kitsune
Ultra Wolfwing
Wailed Frag
Mogloween Discord's
Sinister PumpKing Blade
Warlic's Wand
Happy Jack o' Face
Nekko Waif-ette Hat
Shroud of Storms
Asfargo's Third Eye Ring
Fiend Dragon's Guide
Inscubus Pet
Mini Creeper
VoidCaster Orb Pet
Winged Lightning
Classes & Armors
DragonLord Class, Rank 5
Fiend of Ralzic Class, Rank 6
Immortal Dark Caster Class, Rank 10
Invisible No Class, Rank 1
Necromancer Class, Rank 5
PumpkinLord Class, Rank 10
Ken Kaneki
Vampire Lord Incubus

Castles & Houses
Floor & Wall Items
Void Elemental
Void Makai
Wandering Soul II