Get Laf Project Launcher


2 Years Playing Title
Amber x12
Animated Pepe Emoji Package (Equipped)
Aquamarine x25
Azkorath Soul
Azurite x25
Big Meat x5
Broken Bones x10
Brush Title
Cataclysm Power x3
Christmas Title
Citrine x4
Cloth of Infinity
Commander Token x3
Crystal of Balance x6
Crystal of Legion x6
Crystal of Power x2
Daily Login Megaphone x20
Darkness Contract
Darkness Token x15
Deep Void Eye x5
Diabolical Preparation x3
Diabolical Token x30
Disciple Soul x5
Divine Cloth x2
Divine Fragment
Divine Ornament
Dolaas's Fire x5
Doomed Oblivion Defeated (1%)
Doomed Token x185
Dwarfhold Master Key
Dwarven Secret
Emerald x14
Eminence of Shadows's Title
Empowered Voidstone x11
Entity Orb x40
Essence of Nulgath x14124
Evolved Darkness Token x2
EXP Elixir for Pet x55
Fierce Player
Fragment of the Gods x5
Fragments of Items
Free Megaphone x52
Galactica Singularity x18
Galaxy Core
Gem Fragment x2
Gem of Void x115
Golden Fragment x10
Gorewyrm's Head x190
Gorewyrm's Tail x485
Hatir's Fire x5
Hometown Coin x80
Hometown Key
Infinity Fragment x50
Jade x25
Key of Abyss
Key of Vorefax
Lapis Lazuli x19
Legion Token x142000
Lingering Flame x4
Love Token x66
Lucius Dungeon's Boss Key
Lucius Dungeon's Key
Master Legion Token x20
Megaphone x96
Mythical Soul x16
Nostine Defeated x57
Nulled Horn x10
Olympus Sigil x2
Orthoclase x21
Part of Dragon Beef x555
Penguin Slayer x30
Penitent Essence x81
Port Token x13
Potion of Darkness x50
Potion of Dodge x50
Potion of Health x50
Potion of Mana x50
Potion of Power x50
Potion of Redness x50
Potion of Speed x49
Power Stone
Puregold Bar
Purgatory Essence x3
Purgatory Flame x3
Purified Iron Ingot x27
Purple Queen's Potion x50
Pyrope Garnet x25
Reality Stone
Restless Key
Room Identificator
Ruby x25
Sanguine Of Darkness x9
Sanity Lure x9
Sapphire x25
Scrap Metal x200
Serpentine x9
Shadow Bone Fragment x3
Shadow Doom Soul x23
Shadow Eterium
Shadow Key
Shadow Legend Soul x3
Shadow Ore
Shadow Undead Defeated
Shadow Warrior Soul
Shimmering Scroll x3
Sinned Energy x10
Sinned Ink x36
Small Meat x28
Soul Collector
Soul of a God
Soul Of Evil x6
Soul Of Evil Fragment
Soul of Soul x5
Soul of Underworld Keeper x23
Soul Shard x29752
Souls of Xlight x7704
Space Stone
Sphene x25
Spodumene x16
Star Death x500
Star Ruby x4
Star Token I
Star Token II
Stareater Fragment x32
Stareater Sphere x5
Terrorfiend Tail x138
Token for 5x Golden Tickets
Token of Naval x69
Token of Olympus x418
Token of Star x537
Ultimate Darkness Token x15
Underworld Key x8
Very Important Player Title
Vibranium x24
Void Box of a Hundred Evilness x10
Void Crystal Shard x399
Void Energy X x22991
Void Energy Y x55
Void Fiend Soul x64
Void Ore x25
Void Shard x100
Void Spell x15
Voidstone x50
Well Key
Xithricita x93
Xithricita Fragment x42
Xyv's Blue Card
Xyv's Green Card
CLASS Boost! (1 hour) x25
EXP Boost! (1 hour) x250
EXP Boost! (5 min)
GOLD Boost! (1 hour) x25
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hour) x25
FireBlood Cape Enhancement
Lucky Armor Enhancement
Black Dragon Samurai Sword
CC Blade of Z
CC Dragon Fantasm Katana
CC Mana Energy Sword
CC Necrotic Sword of Doom (Wearing)
CC Omni Knight Sword
Christmas Overfiend Blade
Cyber Hanzamune Blade
Cyber Necrotic Sword of Doom
Cyberspace Dragon of Time Greatsword
Cyberspace Dragon of Time Sword
Demonic Caster Sword
Doom Prismatic Default Sword
Prismatic Blade of Sancity
Scarlethorn Revontheus Blade
Scarlethorn Revontheus Katana
Shadowscythe of Z Blade
Warpforce Cyber Sword
Angelic Neesha's Daggers
Dual CC Poke It
Dual Dragon Flame
Dual Fero Attack Plushie
Legion Dual
Lily's Personal Daggers
Northern Aura Chakrams
Northern Aurora Chakrams
Random Item of Laf
Ravenous Monstrosity Blades
Scarlethorn Revontheus Dual Blades
Scarlethorn Revontheus Katanas
Shadowbound Pistols
Cysero's Smithing Mitt
Dark Dracolich Lord Talons
Diabolical Pyromancies
Infinity Titan Gauntlet
Shadowbound Claw
Shadowbound Pistol
Darkness CC BOW
Abyssal Beast's Rage
Snowvers Plushie Mace
WhiteTiger's Guqin
Amenonuhoko (Equipped)
Scarlethorn Revontheus Spear
Blank Helm
Bright Party Locks + Glasses
CC Diabolical Of Z Hair
CC Insurgent Hair
CC Old Revontheus Hair
Christmas Wylde Faerie
Classic Cysero Morph
Cutie Lock's Horn
Cyberspace Dragon of Time Hair
Cyberspace Dragon of Time Morph
Dage The Good Helm
Dark Dracolich Lord Helm
Dark Dracolich Lord's Horned Helm
Darkness Hat
Deadman's Long Locks
Doomed Camlan Warden Hair Morph
Dragon Bao Chef Morph
Dragon Bao Chef Visage
Dzeza Magus Hair
Dzeza Magus Locks
Dzeza Magus Visage
Fait's Hair
Fin Mask
Guard's Shag
Horned Mystical Warrior Coif (Wearing)
Lee Seo Hair
Meliodas Half Demon Transform Morph
Northern Aura Locks
Northern Aurora Hair
Northern Twilight Hair
Prismatic Crown Hair
Scarlethorn Revontheus Hair
Shadowbound Vessel Morph
Shadowbound Voyager Hood
Steve Helm
Straight-Up Cap
Straight-Up Morph + Locks
The Harvester's Battle Face + Locks
Trolling Helm
Ultra hair
Vampiric Knight Beard
Warlord Of Void Guard (Equipped)
Webbed Locks CC
White Lotus Acolyte Mask
White-Band Battle Hair
Aura of the Gods
CC Harry the Cupid Wings
CC Shinobi Katar's Cape
Cyromancer Snowing Cape CC
Dage The Good Cape
Dage's Armageddon (Equipped)
Delinquent's Starlit Wings
Dominion of Light Ascension
Dominion of Light Wings
Dramatic Royal's Wings
Lily's Personal Flame
Lily's Personal Wings (Wearing)
Maddening Beacon
Meliodas Half Demon Claw Wing
Northern Aurora Wings
Northern Twilight Wings
Prismatic Wings
Rotating Battle Boss Swordsman Pixels
Sanctified Wings
Snowvers' Sleepy Cat
Swordsman Battle Boss Pixels Cape
The Harvester's Long Coat
ULTRA Summoned Tiger Spirit
Vali Wings Prismatic
Dracolich Lord Aura
Eternal Rhyme Star Stage
Mystical Golden Aura of Swordhaven
Obsidian Swirling Shadow
Prismatic Dracolich Lord Aura (Wearing)
Shadowbound's Shade
Asfargo's Third Eye Ring
Pineapple Ring
PvP Necklace +750
Simple Ring of Nation
Spectator Ring
Very Important Player Ring (Equipped)
Legion Wizard Pet
Oblivion Blade Of Nulgath Quest Pet
Pixel Bank Pet
Soul Harvester Pet
Treasure Egg
Classes & Armors
Dwarf Champion, Rank 10
Eminence Of Shadows, Rank 10 (Equipped)
Legendary Hero, Rank 10 (Wearing)
Lord Of Order, Rank 10
Loyal Commander, Rank 10
Soul King, Rank 10
013 CyberSkulls Armor
Black Hoodie CC
CC Flaming Black Skeleton
CC Legion Vampire
Chaos Empire Of Wolfy
Cthulhu Pirate
Dage The Good
Dreaded Dzeza Magus
Enchanted Demon Armor
Enchanted Roses and Thorns
Infinity Titan
Invisible Armor
Last Christmas Clothes
Lee Seo
Legendary Creationist
Malani Warrior
Mystical Warrior (Wearing)
Northern Twilight
Obscure Demon Suit
Scarlethorn Revontheus
Steve Armor
Summer Casual Shirt
Warlord of Void (Equipped)

Castles & Houses
#00FFFF Simulated Astravian Castle
#78C475 Simulated Astravian Castle
#FF0000 Simulated Astravian Castle
2D Moistverse House
Akiba Tea House
Chaos Pirate Ship
Cyber Tower
Golden Pirate Ship (Equipped)
Infinity Titan Base
M4tr1x Castle of Nulgath
Moglin Hut
Mystical Chaos Keep
Shadow Family Quarters
Technocaster House
Vacation Castle of Nulgath
Winter Dragon Cave
Yulgar's 50's Inn
Floor & Wall Items
00-X Spray Cans
Altar of Caladbacon
Apple Pie
Balsamic Vinegar
Black Imp House Item
Blue-Eyes Dragon House Item
Bowl full of Jelly
Broccoli House Guard (L)
Broccoli House Guard (R)
Cemani Dricken House Item
Chibi Zazul House Item
Coconut Treeant House Item
Coffee Pot
Commander Gallaeon House Guest
Commander Gallaeon Statue
Cosplayer 1 House Item
Cosplayer 2 House Item
Cosplayer Anomaly 1 House Item
CRC Power Armor House Item
Cursed Curio House Item
Cursed Doll-Head House Item
Cursed Spirit Alejandro House Item
Dark Magician Girl Aura House Item
Eternal Dragon's Treasure Pile
Fa Gamer House Item
Fa's Bean Bag
Flowering Bush House Item
Frost Goblin House Item
Frost Golem House Item
Frost Yety House Item
Galactic Shadow Trooper Guard (R)
GIANT Mushroom Guard (L)
GIANT Mushroom Guard (R)
Golden Celestial Templar Guardian
Grade A Bully House Item
Gravy Boat
Gravy Slick
Harmless Choir House Item
Hydra Swabbie House Item
Ice Wolf House Item
Infinity Titan Gauntlet
Jelangkung House Item
Judgemental Spectator Guard
Kala House Item
Karrot House Guard (R)
King's Throne
Klawaii Machine House Item
KotaBear 023M
KotaBear 023XL
Leyak House Item
Love Shrub
Major Mushroom Guard (L)
Major Mushroom Guard (R)
Mashed Potatoes
Master Duelist Cape House Item
Mi's Bean Bag
Mood Slime
Mysterious Stranger Bank Vault
Pepper Shaker
Platinum Celestial Templar Guardian
Portal To The Unknown
Radish House Guard (L)
Radish House Guard (R)
Royal Bed
Royal Couch
Sacred Pole House Item
SalaryMan 1 House Item
SalaryMan 2 House Item
Salt Shaker
Scalebeard House Guard (L)
Scalebeard House Guard (R)
Shadowseer House Guard
Super Prince House Guard (L)
Super Prince House Guard (R)
Tea Cup
Technocaster Rogue House Item
Titan DoomKnight's Blade Statue
Titan Paladin's Blade Statue
Titan Vindicator Statue XL
Titan Vindicator's Axe Statue
Turkey Plate
Tuyul House Item
Valky NPC
Void Elemental
Void Fiend House Item
Void Knight
Yokaified Experiment 2 House Item
00-X Signature
2024 New Year's Ball
ARTX Shelf
Cr1tikal Meme Poster
Deady Sign I
Floating DoomStar
Micro DIE Fighter (L)
Micro DIE Fighter (R)
Pirate Commander Gallaeon Painting