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1 Year Playing Title
Aeacus Empowered
Aether Dust x18
Almandine Garnet x25
Aluminum x183
Amber x25
Ancient Cohort Conquered x4
Aquamarine x25
Archfiend Soul x251
Archfiend's Favor x2000
Artificial Soul x9
Aura of Happiness x1000
Aura of Pleasure x1000
Azurite x25
Bag of Abyss x2700
Basic Emoji Package
Beginners Guide Title
Black Ink x182
Blood From the Void x39
Blood Gem of the Archfiend x3
Bone Sigil x1810
Bones x160
Broken Bones x2
BrutalDage Soul x2
Cearense Head x3
Celestial Coins
Celestial Energy x14
Chaos Token x25
Chaotic Token x16
Chicken Beef x3
Christmas Title
Chrono Core Fragment x5
Chrono Pass
Citrine x23
Cleric's Cross x5
Cloth x30
Condensed Void x2
Crystal Gem x14
Crystal Gem of Nulgath x300
Crystal of Balance x6
Crystal of Legion x6
Crystal of Power x4
Cyber Token x3
Cycle Token x50
Daily Login Megaphone x20
Dark Crystal Shard x2
Dark Makai Defeated x174
Dark Remnants x100
Darkblood Cohort Conquered x60
Darkness Contract
Darkness Token
Demon Chalice
Demon Soul x152
Despair King Heart
Diamond of Nulgath x23
Diamond of Void x104
Dimensional Key [No Load]
Divine Fragment x3
Divine Ornament
Doomed Token x61
Doomwood Cohort Conquered x10
Draconian of Time Head x35
Dragon Cohort Conquered x20
Dragon Fragment x262
Dragon Heart x13
Dragon of Time Token x15
Dragon Platinum Head x750
Dragon Sliver Head x403
Dwarven Secret
Emerald x25
Empowered Voidstone x17
Essence of Geryon x21
Essence of Luxuria x1999
Essence of Nulgath x20000
Essence of Slime x8
Essence Of The Abyss x101
Essence Of Unknown x10
EXP Elixir for Pet x5
Fear Toxic Blood x7
Fire Dragon Conquered
Fire Token
Forger x224
Fragment of the Gods x11
Free Megaphone x100
Frozen Flame Gem
Frozen Flame Shard x15
Futurelegion Clear
Gem Fragment x61
Gem of Nulgath x559
Gem of Void x109
Golden Fragment x10
Green Whisp's Soul x94
Grim Cohort Conquered x124
Grimlord Blood x3000
Grimlord's Token x20
Groglurk Blood x3
Head of Fotia's x21
Heart of the Dragon x9999
High Golden Ingot x116
High Mithril Ingot x94
Holy Fire x62
Holy Umbra x49
Holy Unstable Energy
Hometown Key
Hot Token
Infinity Fragment x2
Jade x25
Key of Abyss
Key of Vorefax
Lapis Lazuli x13
Legion Essence x85
Legion Token x870250
Lingering Flame x58
Lost Soul x54
Loyalty Token x15
Maculated Energy x25
Magician Essence x3
Master Legion Token x4
Matter of the Dead x24
Mega Circle Medal x10000
Megaphone x24
Mercutio Token x261
Metal Fragments x994
Milk Bear Animated Emoji Package
Mind Stone x7
Mirror Cohort Conquered x20
Moon Essence x100
Mysteries Of Miltonius x3
Mystic Gold x8
Mythical Soul x4
Nation Draconian Soul x4
Nation Dragon Scales x11
Nation of Nulgath
Nation Scripture x20
Nation Token x10000
Nostine Defeated x79
Nulgath's Approval x9
Oblivion's Gem x33
Olympus Sigil x4
Orthoclase x25
Overfiend Fragment x4
Oversoul Fiend Shard x12
Paladin Armament x102
Paragon Essence x75
Penguin Slayer x30
Penitent Essence x84
Piece of a Dragon's Heart
Pirate Cohort Conquered x42
Poison Sneak Defeated x2
Potion of Redness
Pridecore x2
Project: Dimensional Key
Puregold Bar x3
Pyrope Garnet x25
Restless Key
Roentgenium Of Archfiend x15
Rotten-Flesh x26
Ruby x25
Rusted Iron Chunks x151
Sandye x18
Sanguine Of Darkness x71
Sapphire x25
Scrap of Cloth x25
Serpentine x25
Shadow Dust x158
Shadow Extract x22
Shadow Key
Shimmering Scroll
Sir Gawain's Gratitude x100
Smaras Soul x28
Soul Collector
Soul King Fragment x44
Soul of a God x4
Soul of Amara x9
Soul of Nulgath x2
Soul of Underworld Keeper x140
Soul Orb x505
Soul Relic x200
Soul Shard x200000
Sphene x25
Spirit Cohort Conquered x40
Spodumene x25
Stack of Souls x13
Star Ruby x25
Stone of Nulgath x5
Strogia Token
Sun Essence x100
Swindle Approval
Swindle Bag x11
Tainted Gem x34
Tanuki Token
Tethered Soul x675
The Secret 5 x32
Thunder Emerald x77
Token for 1x Golden Tickets x3
Token of Olympus x44
Token of Star x1000
Top Hat
Toro Animated Emoji Package (Equipped)
Totem of Void x38
Totem Shard of Nulgath x1000
Undead Relic x10
Undead Soul x140
Undead's Soul x79
Undefined 1 x20
Undefined 10 x20
Undefined 11 x160
Undefined 2 x20
Undefined 3 x136
Undefined 4 x124
Undefined 5 x140
Undefined 6 x124
Undefined 7 x150
Undefined 8 x20
Undefined 9 x124
Underworld Key x2
Vertigo Heart x6
Very Important Player Title (Equipped)
Vial of Violence x500
Vibranium x25
Void Box of a Hundred Evilness x4
Void Crystal A x2
Void Crystal Shard x366
Void Energy X x63
Void Fiend Soul x500
Void Spell x2
Void's Coin x35000
Well Key
Xithricita x9
Xithricita Fragment x12
Xyv's Blue Card
CLASS Boost! (1 hour) x25
EXP Boost! (1 hour) x203
EXP Boost! (5 min)
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hour) x25
Archwitch Sword Of Nulgath
Backhanded Enchanted Speirling Dagger
Byakuya Katana Light
Cursed Masamune
Dark Legacy Doom Blade
Enchanted Speirling Guardian Dagger
Flametaro (Equipped)
Furious Legacy Doom Blade
Shadowscythe of Z Blade
Big Spoon + Little Spoon
Dual Dark Legacy Doom Blade
Dual Demon Sword Lostvayne
Dual Furious Legacy Doom Blade
FrostWolf Daggers
Assault Mode Meliodas Bow
Lovely Rocker's Guitar
Ancient Spear of Zeus
Assault Mode Meliodas Polearm
Void Avenger Scythe
Aspirational Rocker's Expressions
Black Panther Helm
Bro Morph
Byakuya's Hair
Elated Rocker's Expressions
Enchanted Skye Warden's Cowled Locks
Enchanted Skye Warden's Cowled Visage
FrostWolf Helm
Furious Legacy of Doom Helm
Harried Doom Spikes
Hollow Knight Head
No Helm (Wearing)
Wolf Hunter Hood
Worshipper Face of Nulgath
Zealous Rocker's Expressions
FrostWolf Cape
Fur-ious Cape of Doom
Lovely Rocker's Back-up Bass
Lovely Rocker's Back-up Guitar
Lovely Rocker's Back-up Keytar
Super Full Moon Cape
Wolf Hunter Cape
Ghost! (Black) (Equipped)
Ghost! (White)
Asfargo's Third Eye Ring
PvP Necklace +2000
Very Important Player Ring (Equipped)
Archfiend's Collection Chest
Brutal Servant Pet
Chthonian Dark Makai
Hollow Knight Pet
Legion Sneevil Assistant
Micro DIE Fighter
Micro DIE Fighter Battlepet
Nulgath Birthday Gift
Nulgath's Prize Quest
Oblivion Blade Of Nulgath Quest Pet
Scrap Pet
Sneevil Nulgath
Snuggle Berserker Plushie
Tog Pet
Treasure Egg (Equipped)
Ultimate Paragon Servant
Vampragon Pet
Classes & Armors
ArchVoid Of Nulgath, Rank 10 (Equipped)
Dark Caster, Rank 10
Darkside, Rank 10
DragonLord, Rank 10
Infinity Titan, Rank 6
No Class, Rank 4
Byakuya Armor
CC Flaming Black Skeleton
Cloaked Deathwalker
Darkon Legacy
Enchanted Lovely Rocker
Enchanted West Skye Warden
Ghostly Abyssal Revontheus
Ghostly Silverplate
Infinity Titan
Infinity Titan's Throne
Ken Kaneki
Normal Void Highlord
Shadow's Costume
ShadowScythe DIE Fighter
Warlord of Void (Equipped)
Wolf Hunter

Castles & Houses
Dreadnaught House
Infinity Titan Base (Equipped)
Pumpkin House
Floor & Wall Items
Altar Of Caladbolg
Blue-Eyes Dragon House Item
Infinity Titan Gauntlet
Mysterious Stranger Bank Vault
Paragon House Item
Wobbly Chair
Cr1tikal Meme Poster