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Black Knight Orb
Blood from the void x20
Bone Sigil x121
Cleric's Cross
Cold Essence x3
Cursed Sealant Capsule [NON-VIP] x54
Demon Heart x10
Demon Soul x272
Demoniac Project [A]
Demoniac Project [Z]
Divine Fragment
Dragon Fragment x100
Dre Coin x66
Enchanted Stone x20
Essence of Nulgath x265
Essence of Slime x61
Frozenflame Complete
Gem of Nulgath x2
Golden Destiny Core
Grimlord's Token x12
Hometown Coin x102
Honor Stone
Inquisitor Soul x30
Invitation to the event
Legion Essence x70
Legion Token x11
Lich Stone x82
Maculated Energy x15
Matter of the dead x15
Mercutio Token x500
Mystic gold x30
Paragon Essence x75
Soul Of A God x6
Soul Shard x8096
Tainted Gem x3
Terrarium Token x251
The Secret 1
This Might Be A Token x2
This Might Be B Token x8
Token of Collection x14
Token of Star x537
Token of Vindication x5
Totem of Nulgath
Ultra Xing
Undead's Soul
Vertigo Soul x150
Vordred Soul x29
Voucher of Nulgath x15
Warrior Helms x100
Wheel Of Doom Token x524
Blade of the Wicked
Blazing Breaker
Caladbolg 3017
Champion Blade of Diohgo
DerpBlade of Doom
DragonBlade of Nulgath
Kogane no Katana
Legendary Magma Sword
Sepulchure Colorfull Sword
Axe of the Black Knight
Cruel Axe of Midnight
Bamboo Slicer Dual Katanas
Darkness Talons
Dual CC LED DragonBlade
Dual Warseeker's Blades
Golden Dual Champion of Nulgath
Obsidian Katanas
Shadow Phoenix Dual
Lava Stone Dragon Bow
Milk Box
SoulForge Hammer
Blade of Corruption
Blade of the Dead
Elite Asgardian Reaver
Slimed DragonMaster Scythe
The Fallen Evolution Sickle (2)
Cruel Staff of the Fallen
Void Avenger Scythe
Black Knight Overlord
Blood CollectorHair
Brilliant Naval Tophat Locks
Dark Heart Manly Locks
Dark Hunting Hood
Doom Naval Tophat
Dragon of Light Helmet
Holiday Paragon of Light Helm
Horned King Crown
Ultimate Ice Cweam Surprise!!! Hat
Aldebaran Rotating runes Cape
Black Knight Cloak
CC Cyberfiend Cloak
Chaos Evolved Paragon Cape
Dark Guard's Winged Wrap
Doom Lord Vordred Cape
Floating Caladbolg Cape
Grimlord Cloak of Nulgath
Holiday Paragon of Light Cape
The Fallen Evolution Cape
The Fallen Evolution Cape (2)
PvP Necklace +20000
Dark Makai of Nulgath
Dreadhound Rider Battlepet
Exploding Kitty
Paragon Bank Pet
The Lich King Pet
VoidCaster Orb Pet
Classes & Armors
Dark Caster Class, Rank 10
Darkside Class, Rank 10
Deadpool Class, Rank 10
Frozen Knight Class, Rank 10
Immortal Dark Caster Class, Rank 10
MogBot Class, Rank 10
Musician Class, Rank 10
Mystic Knight Class, Rank 1
Profane Class, Rank 10
Void Walker Class, Rank 10
Agility Racer
Blazing Naval Commander
Brilliant Naval Commander
Card Clasher Armor
Carnage Voids of Nulgath
CC Alpha Pirate Armor
CC Legion Vampire
CC Naval Commander
ChronoLord Naval Commander
Cyber Rogue
Doom Lord Vordred
DoomKnight Naval Commander
Galactic Naval Commander
Grimlord of Nulgath
Holiday Paragon of Light
Icy Naval Commander
Legion Vampire
Mystical Ascended SoulWeaver
Plate of The Fallen
Random Item of Laf
Rotting Naval Commander
Shadow Commander
Vampire Aldebaran Armor
Void Naval Commander
White Witch and Warlock

Castles & Houses
Brightfall Fotress
Paragon Helm House
Vacation Castle of Nulgath
Floor & Wall Items
Mood Slime
Stray Foam
Void Elemental
Void Makai