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Bequeathed Lord Soul Shard x4
Black Destiny Core
Black Knight Essence
Blood Stone x64
Bone Sigil x20
Brutus Card
Cold Essence x30
Crystal Of Storm
Cursed Sealant Capsule [NON-VIP] x22
Daily Login Megaphone x3
Daimond of Klunk x100
Dark Makai Defeated x43
Demon Chalice
Demon Heart
Demon Soul x21
Demoniac Project [A]
Demoniac Project [Z]
Divine Cloth
Divine Ornament
Dragon Token x70
Dre Coin x20
Element Sac x5
Emblem of Nulgath x20
Entity Orb x22
Epic Fragment x5
Essence of Nulgath x9
Essence of Slime x99
Essence of the Albino x71
Evolved Frag Wailed x59
Exalted Legion Token x289
Exalted Lord Token x50
Gem of Nulgath x2
General Defeated x868
Golden Destiny Core
Golden Fragment x10
Happiness Potion x3
Holy Fire
Hometown Coin x30
Honor Stone
Jinjurick Token x3
Key of Abyss
Legion Essence x2
Legion Token x1750
Loyalty Token
Maculated Energy x15
Magic Energy of The Dead x10
Marvel Emojis Package
Megaphone x3
Metal Divi Soul x3
Mirror Cohort Conquered x500
Ninja Token x2
Nulgath's Approval x19
Obscure Token
Penguin Slayer x30
Pirate Cohort Conquered x140
Potion of Darkness x5
Potion of Dodge x5
Potion of Health x5
Potion of Mana x5
Potion of Power x5
Potion of Redness x5
Potion of Speed x5
Pride Thunderball x561
Purple Destiny Core
Purple Queen's Potion x5
Ray Undead Skull x2285
Red Destiny Core
Revenant's Spellscroll x12
Scrap of Cloth x25
Silver Destiny Core
Soul Of A God x7
Soul of Guardian x5
Soul Shard x88950
Spirit of Revontheus x200
Strogia token
Tainted Gem x3
The Heart Of The Dragon x6
The Secret 1
Token for 1x Golden Tickets x2
Token of Naval x142
Token of Star x4
Trigoras Essence x250
Ultimated Exalted Contract
Valsarian Scales x65
Vertigo Soul x83
Wailed Frag x6
Xyv's Blue Card
CLASS Boost! (1 hour) x13
EXP Boost! (1 hour) x11
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hour) x25
Default Sword
Pumpkin Evolved Sword
Ultimated Dark Wailed Soul Katana
CC Axe of Darkness
Doom Celestial Sand Axe
Doom Dual Shadow-letter
Assault Mode Meliodas Bow
Chaos Caster Mug Coffe
SoulForge Hammer
Warlic's Orb
Assault Mode Meliodas Polearm
Darkside Staff
Alternative View Helm
Assault Mode Meliodas Hair
Darkside Helm
Doom Celestial Sandknight Helm
Doom Sorcerer's Apprentice Hat
Doom The Master Hat
Golden Dragon Slayer Trophy
Pumpkin Evolded Helm
Archfiend Cloak of Nulgath
Doom Celestial Sand Wings
Guardian Shadow
Oblivion Blades of Nulgath Cape
Pumpkin Evolved Cape
Shadow of Sepulchure
Asfargo's Third Eye Ring
PvP Necklace +15000
PvP Necklace +20000
Arcane Soul Paragon
Zorbak Bank Pet
Classes & Armors
Chaos Class, Rank 10
Dark Caster Class, Rank 10
Darkside Class, Rank 10
Evolved PumpkinLord Class, Rank 6
Rich, Rank 1
Thunder Lord, Rank 10
Akatsuki Cloak CC
Assault Mode Meliodas
Doom Celestial Sandknight
Doom Spartan Warrior
Galactic LightCaster
Infernal Naval Commander
Sea King Pirate Captain

Castles & Houses
Brightfall Fotress
House of Hope
Floor & Wall Items
Altar Of Caladbolg
Altar Of Ragnarok
Altar Of Sanguine
Chibi Zazul House Item
Void Elemental
Void Knight
Void Monk
Wandering Soul I