Get Laf Project Launcher


Basic Emoji Package
Bravery Medal x20
Crystal of Balance x5
Daily Login Megaphone x2
Divine Fragment
Divine Ornament
Essence of Slime x4
EXP Elixir for Pet x4
Fragment Of Iron
Free Megaphone x55
Gem Fragment x14
Golden Fragment x10
Mystic Gold x6
Part of Dragon Beef x9
Sir Gawain's Gratitude x25
Soul Shard x11836
CLASS Boost! (1 hour) x2
EXP Boost (30 min)
EXP Boost! (1 hour) x5
GOLD Boost! (1 hour) x2
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hour) x2
Grimskull's Star Sword
Paladin Cremator Broadsword
Paladin Cremator Greatsword
Supreme Dragon Blade
Dual Paladin Cremator Broadsword
Dual Paladin Cremator Greatsword
FrostWolf Daggers
ShadowFlame DragonMage Whip
Dramatic Royal's Showstopper
Book of Lore
Dark Magician Girl Hair
FrostWolf Helm
Pyroclastic Death Helm
Pyroclastic Death Plate
FrostWolf Cape
Pyroclastic Paladinslayer Cape
Cespect Battlepet
Chibi Pyroclastic Paladinslayer
Pyroclastic Paladinslayer Head
Classes & Armors
CardClasher, Rank 5
DragonLord, Rank 10
Evil Class, Rank 2
Immortal Dark Caster, Rank 10
No Class, Rank 1
PVP, Rank 10
Card Clasher Armor
Dark Wolf Armor
Ken Kaneki
Pyroclastic Paladinslayer