Get Laf Project Launcher


Aerodux x42
Aether Dust x2
Almandine Garnet x25
Aluminum x288
Amber x25
Aquamarine x14
Aura of Pleasure x55
Azurite x8
Bag of Abyss x1692
Basic Emoji Package
Basic Health Potion x3
Beginners Guide Title
Big Meat x97
Block of Darkness x56
Blood From the Void x20
Blue Whisp Core x28
Bone Sigil x150
Bones x946
Bravery Medal x25
Cearense Head x13
Chaos Card
Chaos Token x100
Chaotic Token x15885
Chicken Beef x3
Christmas Token x2
Chrono Pass
Citrine x10
Claw of Good
Claw of Metal
Claw of Poison
Condensed Void x158
Crystal Gem x7
Crystal of Balance x6
Crystal of Power x6
Crystal of Storm x5
Cyber Token
Cycle Token x50
Daimond of Klunk x18
Dark Crystal Shard x45
Dark Makai Defeated x86
Dark Remnants x100
Darkness Contract
Darkness Singularity Token x6
Darkness Token x10
Demon Chalice
Demonic Project Type: [Y] x3
Diabolical CC Contract
Diabolical Token x13
Diamond of Nulgath x368
Diamond of Void x6
Dimensional Key [No Load]
Dispel Power
Divine Energy
Divine Fragment x4
Divine Ornament
Dolaas's Fire x3
Doomed Token x160
Draconian of Time Head x38
Dragon Armor Part x20
Dragon Fragment x500
Dragon of Time Token x41
Dragon Platinum Head x78
Dragon Sliver Head x151
Dragon Token x3
Dwarfhold Master Key
Dwarven Secret
Element Sac x5
Emblem of Nulgath x39
Emerald x25
Empowered Voidstone x4
Essence Of Darkness
Essence of Geryon x4
Essence of Nulgath x20000
Essence of Shadow x12
Essence of the Holy x2
Evolved Darkness Token x2
Exalted Artillery Title
Exalted Legion Token x223
EXP Elixir for Pet x20
Fierce Player
Fragment of the Gods x20
Frozen Flame Gem x30
Frozen Flame Shard x117
Frozenflame Complete
Futurelegion Clear
Gem Fragment x12
Gem of Nulgath x22
Gem of Void x15
Gold Bar x7
Golden Destiny Core
Golden Fragment x10
Golden Galactica Singularity x2
Golden Ticket x761
Gorewyrm's Head x54
Gorewyrm's Tail x147
Greed of Past x5
Green Whisp Core x68
Green Whisp's Soul x121
Grimlord Blood x2000
Grimlord's Token x2
Hatir's Fire x4
Head of Desolich (1% Drop)
Head of Fotia's x116
Heart of the Dragon x3
Holy Unstable Energy
Hometown Coin x15
Hometown Key
Inquisitor Soul x30
Jade x22
Key of Abyss
Key of Vorefax
Klunk Defeated x43
Krenos Gem x6
Krenos Thunderball x7
Krenosa Fragment x7
Lapis Lazuli x4
Legion Essence x276
Legion Token x11212
Lingering Flame x328
Lost Soul x7
Loyalty of Nulgath x165
Loyalty Token x4
Maculated Energy x15
Magic Energy of the Dead x100
Master Musical Fragment x150
Matter of the Dead x15
Mega Circle Medal x1040
Megaphone x15
Metal Fragments x46
Metal of the Empty x7
Monster Christmas Token x17
Musical Fragment x1000
Mystic Gold x49
Mythsong Token x49
Nation of Nulgath
Nightmare Grenwog Trophy
Nightmare Shard x14
Nostine Defeated x100
Nulgath's Approval x2
Nulled Horn x10
Oblivion's Gem x50
Olympus Sigil x13
Orthoclase x25
Paladin Armament x100
Panda Emoji Package
Paragon Essence x75
Penguin Slayer x6
Pink Destiny Core
Potion of Darkness x5
Potion of Dodge x5
Potion of Health x5
Potion of Mana x5
Potion of Power x5
Potion of Redness x5
Potion of Speed x5
Powerful Health Potion
Pride Thunderball x5
Project: Dimensional Key
Prove Your Loyalty #1
Puregold Bar x5
Purgatory Essence x6
Purple Destiny Core
Purple Queen's Potion x5
Pyrope Garnet x25
Rabid Lion
Rare note x20
Red Destiny Core
Restless Key
Ruby x25
Rusted Iron Chunks x111
Sand x32
Sandye x16
Sanguine Of Darkness x4
Sapphire x21
Serpentine x7
Shadow Dust x168
Shadow Extract x57
Shadow Key
Sinned Energy x295
Snow Token x2
Soul of Blight x7
Soul of Guardian
Soul of Nation x2
Soul of Olympus
Souls of Xlight x22
Sphene x21
Spire Thunderball x11
Spirit of Christmas x2
Spirit of Revontheus x52
Spodumene x15
Stack of Souls x2
Star Death x85
Star Ruby x14
Star Token I
Star Token II
Star Token IV
State Thunderball x7
Steampunk Grenwog Trophy x4
Styx Shard x10
Tainted Gem x693
Terrorfiend Tail x31
Test Loyal Commander Token x302500
Time Essence x54
Token of Hero x253
Token of Olympus
Totem of Void x81
Trigoras Essence x70
Ultimate Thunderball x8
Undead Soul x2
Undead's Soul x24
Underworld Key x3
Valsarian Scales
Vertigo Soul x37
Vial of Violence
Vibranium x16
Void Box of a Hundred Evilness x5
Void Crystal Shard x21
Void Energy X x21302
Void Energy Y x48
Void Grenwog Trophy x3
Void Soul x11
Void's Coin x5739
Voidstone x5
Vordred Soul x20
Wailed Frag x10
Xithricita Fragment x18
Xyv's Yellow Card
CLASS Boost! (1 hour) x25
EXP Boost! (1 hour) x139
GOLD Boost! (1 hour) x25
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hour) x25
Blade of Glorious Victory
Conqueror of Shadows's Blade
Cursed Masamune
Epic Trigoras Sword of Edu
FrostWolf Sword
Honorable Koi Ningyo Tachis
Lambent Light
Overlord's DoomBlade
SoulTaker Of Darkness CC
Big Spoon + Little Spoon
Chorupted DeathKnight Sword Polearm
Doom Dual Shadow-letter
Dual Demon Sword Lostvayne
Dual Fire and Ice Blades
Eternal Manifestation Swords
Mujin Blades
Rew Blue Scythe
Doom Skull Cane
ArchFiend Judge's Hood + Horns
CC Horned Assassin's Helm
Doom Celestial Sandknight Helm
Doom Dirge Demon
Doom Ranger Hat
Doom Sorcerer's Apprentice Hat
Doom The Master Hat
Eternal Manifestation Morph
Evolved Conqueror of Shadows's Mask
Forsaken Outrider Horns
Galactic CasterAstral Hood
Golden Dragon Slayer Trophy
Golden Fury Helm
Helm of Brutal Annihilation
Honorable Koi Ningyo Headpiece
Revontheus Legacy Heterochromia
Sung Jinwoo Head
ArchFiend Warlord's Spikes
Buffed Merlin Mage Cape
Custom Singularities Cape
Dual Honorable Koi Ningyo Tachis Cape
FrostWolf Cape
Golden Fury Cape
Honorable Koi Ningyo Tachis Pack
Legion Seraph Rune Cape CC
Revontheus Legacy Figure
Revontheus Legacy Spectral Weapons
Rich Stroke Cape
Shadow Beru Cape
Shadow of Sepulchure
Super Blood Moon Cape
Asfargo's Third Eye Ring
King Drago's Ring
PvP Necklace +2000
Baby Trigoras Bank Pet
Beetle General Pet
Dark Harbinger Blade Pet
Diabolisick's Pet
Honorable Koi Ningyo Battle Pet
Oblivion Blade Of Nulgath Quest Pet
Prime Drakath Pet
War Lamb
Classes & Armors
Arachnomancer, Rank 10
Chaos, Rank 10
Chaotic Fiend of Nulgath, Rank 10
ChronoVoid, Rank 10
Dark Caster, Rank 10
Darkblood Stormking, Rank 10
Evolved Musician, Rank 10
Firemancer, Rank 10
Infinity Titan, Rank 10
Legion Time Master, Rank 10
Nephthys, Rank 10
Revenant, Rank 10
Star Lord, Rank 10
Void Highlord, Rank 10
Annoying Disaster
ArchFiend's Warlord
Brutal Annihilator
Buffed Merlin Armor
Chorupted DeathKnight
Crescent Naval Commander
Darkon's Debris 66.1
Evolved Conqueror of Shadows
Frostbringer Mage
Galactic LightCaster
Golden Fury
Honorable Koi Ningyo
Infinity Titan
Infinity Titan's Throne
Ken Kaneki
Mafia 2077
Summer Boy
Sung Jinwoo
Trigoras Naval Commander
Trigoras Rider of Edu

Castles & Houses
2D Moistverse House
Infinity Titan Base
Paragon Helm House
Floor & Wall Items
Darkpath Fire Rune
Dr. Worm
Eternal Dragon's Treasure Pile
Fa Gamer House Item
GIANT Mushroom Guard (R)
Infinity Titan Gauntlet
Juror #2
Juror #3
Juror #4
King's Throne
La House Item
Long Feast Table
Major Mushroom Guard (L)
Major Mushroom Guard (R)
Mysterious Stranger Bank Vault
Nulgath House Item
Pactagonal Knight Statue (Left)
Pactagonal Knight Statue (Right)
Paragon House Item
Pile of Gold
Shadowsleigher House Guard (L)
Shadowsleigher House Guard (R)
Stone Pillar with Banner
Teleporter pad
Undead Coffin
Void Elemental
Void Monk
Chaos Portal
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