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Blood Stone x232
Bunch of Bones x1500
Celestial Coins x4
Crystal Gem of Nulgath x29
Dark Makai Defeated x500
Divine Cloth x2
Dre Coin x140
Essence of Nulgath x1235
Gem of Nulgath x32
Golden Destiny Core
Grimlord Blood x227
Grimlord's Token x6
Holy Unstable Energy
Hometown Coin x170
Legion Token x13
Loyalty Token
Maculated Energy x15
Mercutio Token x146
Metal Of The Empty x30
Mystic gold x308
Nulgath's Approval x10
Pieces of meat x2
Pink Destiny Core
Rabid Lion
Red Destiny Core
Relic of the demon king
Shadow Key
ShadowFlame Requiem x500
Singularity Token x100
Slayer A
Slayer B x10
Soul Collector
Soul Of A God x2
Soul Shard x16653
Tainted Gem x3
The Secret 1
Time Essence x9
Totem of Nulgath
Undefined 11 x6
Undefined 1 x20
Undefined 10 x15
Undefined 2 x15
Undefined 3 x9
Undefined 4 x9
Undefined 5 x20
Undefined 6 x9
Undefined 7 x20
Undefined 8 x20
Undefined 9 x9
Vertigo Soul
Warrior Helms x13
Daily REPUTATION Boost! (1 hour) x12
Custom Singularity Saw
Kotaro's Sealed Katana
Dual Scarlet Flaming Blade
Fiery Pierce Dagger's
Chaos Ban Hammer
Assault Mode Meliodas Polearm
Unfortunate RingMaster Cane
Void Avenger Scythe
Eternity Love
Golden Dragon Slayer Trophy
Golden Fury Helm
Harlequin Warrior’s Side Mask
Light Blue Aura
Cespect Battlepet
Oblivion Blade Of Nulgath (Quest pet)
Paragon heart Guardian
Pixel Bank Pet
Silent Evil Spirit
Silent Wanderer Blood Emperor Butterfly
Classes & Armors
Chaos Class, Rank 10
Chaotic Fiend of Nulgath, Rank 10
Darkside Class, Rank 10
DragonLord Class, Rank 10
Frozen Knight Class, Rank 10
Knight Warlord Class, Rank 5
Ranger Class, Rank 10
Golden Fury
Ken Kaneki
Revontheus Armor
Unfortunate RingMaster
Void Highlord

Castles & Houses
Paragon Helm House
Floor & Wall Items
Fragment of Doom Statue (L)
Fragment of Doom Statue (R)
Shadows Of Doom
Swaggy's Wheel of Love
Deady Sign I
Deady Sign II
Portal to Worried Twilly