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5 Years Playing Title (Equipped)
Aluminum x22
Ancient Cohort Conquered x5
Approval of Nulgath x214
Archfiend Soul x44
Archfiend's Favor x1222
Aura of Happiness x800
Aura of Pleasure x700
Bag of Abyss x1510
Balloon Shard x28000
Bequeathed Lord Soul Shard x5
Black Destiny Core
Blood From the Void x42
Blood Titan x2
Blue Whisp Core x20
Blue Whisp's Soul x13
Bone Sigil x160
Bones x242
BrutalDage Soul
Cataclysm Power x5
Cearense Head x4
Cespect Heart x2
Chaos Token x122
Chicken Beef x12
Chrono Pass
Cloth x30
Commander Token x200
Crystal Gem of Nulgath x300
Crystal of Balance x6
Crystal of Legion x6
Crystal of Power x3
Cycle Token x50
Daily Login Megaphone x20
Dark Crystal Shard x264
Dark Makai Defeated x500
Dark Remnants x387
Darkblood Cohort Conquered x1610
Darkness Contract
Darkness Token x46
Demon Chalice
Demon Soul x500
Diabolical Preparation x100
Diamond of Nulgath x47
Diamond of Void x4
Divine Cloth
Divine Fragment x3
Divine Ornament
Dolaas's Fire x2
Doomed Token x658
Doomwood Cohort Conquered x650
Draconian Heart x300
Draconian of Time Head x3000
Dragon Cohort Conquered x1680
Dragon of Time Scales x367
Dragon of Time Token x19
Dragon Scale x84
Dragon Sliver Head x1203
Element Sac x3
Emblem of Nulgath x78
Essence of Luxuria x940
Essence of Nulgath x1228
Essence of Shadow x5
Essence Of The Abyss x3
Essence of the Albino x42
Evolved Darkness Token x33
Exalted Legion Token x355
Exalted Lord Token x4
EXP Elixir for Pet x100
Fear Toxic Blood x7
Ff Spirit Defeated x2
Fragment of the Gods x18
Fragments of Items x37
Free Megaphone x4
Futurelegion Clear
Galactica Singularity
Gem of Nulgath x1077
Gem of Void x82
Golden Fragment x10
Green Whisp Core x121
Green Whisp's Soul x21
Grim Cohort Conquered x12
Grimlord Blood x3000
Holy Umbra x37
Hometown Key
Insect Cupcake x29
Key of Abyss
Krenos Thunderball x7
Krenosa Fragment x30
Legion Essence x54
Legion Token x572416
Lich Stone x19
Loyalty Token x10
Maculated Energy x25
Marvel Emoji Package (Equipped)
Matter of the Dead x5
Mega Circle Medal x5007
Mercutio Soul x5
Mercutio Token x500
Miltonius Soul x6
Mirror Cohort Conquered x60
Musical Fragment x9
Mysteries Of Miltonius x191
Mystic Gold x59
Mythical Fragment of Soul
Nulgath's Approval x9
Overlord Essence x2
Oversoul Fiend Shard x3
Paladin Armament x33
Paragon Essence x75
Penguin Slayer x30
Penitent Essence x67
Pink Destiny Core
Pirate Cohort Conquered x2
Port Token x43
Potion of Darkness x5
Potion of Dodge x5
Potion of Health x5
Potion of Mana x5
Potion of Redness x5
Potion of Speed x4
Purple Destiny Core
Purple Queen's Potion x5
Rare Essence x54
Red Destiny Core
Restless Key
Sailor Coin x22
Sand x302
Sand Elemental Soul x71
Sanguine Of Darkness x31
Scales x4
Scrap of Cloth x25
Shadow Dust x152
Shadow Guardian Defeated
Shadow Key
Silver Destiny Core
Small Meat x665
Smaras Soul x100
Soul Collector
Soul of a God x67
Soul Of Evil x8
Soul of Guardian x30
Soul of Nation x2
Soul of Nulgath x2
Soul of Olympus
Soul Shard x23114
Spirit Cohort Conquered x410
Stone of Nulgath x100
Swindle Bag x5
Tainted Gem x400
Taro Soul x35
The Secret 5 x50
Token of Olympus x9
Token of Star x1000
Top Hat
Totem of Void x47
Totem Shard of Nulgath x206
Ultimate Darkness Token x5
Ultimate Thunderball x6
Ultra Blood Titan
Undead Soul x100
Undead's Soul x12
Undefined 11 x110
Undefined 3 x59
Undefined 4 x53
Undefined 5 x87
Undefined 6 x50
Undefined 7 x167
Undefined 9 x54
Vertigo Soul x57
Vial of Violence x254
Void Box of a Hundred Evilness x2
Void Crystal Shard x255
Void of Nulgath Token x188
Void's Coin x64
Wailed Frozen x200
Well Key
Xithricita x2
Xyv's Blue Card
CLASS Boost! (1 hour) x25
EXP Boost! (1 hour) x191
GOLD Boost! (1 hour) x25
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hour) x25
FireBlood Helm Enhancement
Custom Singularity Sword
Demon Sword Lostvayne
Galactic Awe
Gold Bane
GryphonClaw Knight's Scythe
Necronium Sword (Equipped)
Oblivion Blade of Nulgath
Overlord's DoomBlade
YinYang Balance Sword
Dual Toji's Weapon
GryphonClaw Knight's Blades
Honax Claws (Wearing)
Void Avenger Scythe
CC Cyber Legion Vampire Helm M (Wearing)
Doom The Master Hat
Icy Santy Hat
Meliodas Half Demon Transform Morph (Equipped)
Shadow Slayer Hair
YinYang Balance Helm
Buffed Merlin Mage Cape (Equipped)
Crossed Bamboo Slicer Katanas
Custom Singularities Cape
General Neesha's Majestic Wings (Wearing)
GryphonClaw Warrior's Wings
Relentless Pursuit Circle
Simple Shadow Ground
Asfargo's Third Eye Ring (Equipped)
PvP Necklace +1500
PvP Necklace +2000
8-bit BackKick
Arcane Soul Paragon
Caladbolg Bank Pet
Legion Wizard Pet
Oblivion Blade Of Nulgath Quest Pet (Equipped)
Classes & Armors
Abyssal Walker, Rank 10 (Equipped)
Archer Hunter, Rank 10
Asta Demon, Rank 10
Astero, Rank 10
Darkside, Rank 10
DragonLord, Rank 10
Dragonsworn, Rank 10
Frozen Knight, Rank 10
God of Moglins, Rank 10
Headless Horseman, Rank 10
Legion Time Master, Rank 10
Nephthys, Rank 10
Popstar Hatsune Miku, Rank 1
Singularity, Rank 10
Ultimate Exalted Fiend, Rank 10
Abyssal Pyromancer's Swimsuit
ArchFiend Warlord
Chrono Fiend
Galactic Shadow Commander
M4tr1x Naval Commander
Normal Void Highlord
Oni To Koji's Armor (Wearing)
Onyx Naval Commander
Platinum Chrono Fiend (Equipped)
Shadow Fiend

Castles & Houses
Chroma Theatre
Legion Retreat
Paragon Helm House (Equipped)
Technocaster House
Zazul's House
Floor & Wall Items
Altar Of Caladbolg
Overfiend Blade House Item
Titan Paladin's Blade Statue
Void Makai
Void Monk