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Bone Sigil x908
Cursed Sealant Capsule [NON-VIP] x3
Daily Login Megaphone x4
Demon Chalice
Demon Soul x302
Demoniac Project [A]
Demoniac Project [Z]
Demonic project type: [Y]
Demonic project [X]
Energy from the past
Essence of Nulgath x14
Gem of Nulgath x3
Inquisitor Soul x4
Legion Essence x2
Legion Token x160
Love Token x6
Loyalty Token
Lucky Brand II
Mercutio Token x500
Paragon Essence x3
Potion of Darkness
Potion of Dodge x4
Potion of Power
Potion of Speed x3
Purple Queen's Potion
Sacred Contract
Soul Shard x2314
Student Title
Token Of Hero
Vertigo Soul
Wheel Of Doom Token
Daily CLASS Boost! (1 hour)
Daily EXP Boost! (1 hour) x3
Daily GOLD Boost! (1 hour) x2
Daily REPUTATION Boost! (1 hour) x5
2nd Golden Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
Bloodletter of Nulgath
Default Sword
Ungodly Reavers of Nulgath
Heart Crusher Mace
PaintBender Brush
Formal Dundoo Hat
Holy Halo Hair
Infernal Warrior Face
Archfiend Cloak of Nulgath
Chaos Portal Cape
Toxic Shadow Runes
13th Holiday Quibble (Quest)
Dreadhound Rider Battlepet
Eye of Astaroth Blade Pet
Pixel Bank Pet
Classes & Armors
Alpha Pirate Class, Rank 10
Chaos Class, Rank 10
Darkside Class, Rank 10
Fiend of Ralzic Class, Rank 5
Immortal Dark Caster Class, Rank 10
Infinite Dark Caster Class, Rank 10
Profane Class, Rank 10
Saboteur, Rank 5
Alpha Pirate Armor
Blazing Naval Commander
Card Clasher Armor
Chaos Naval Commander
Formal ZooKeeper
Void Naval Commander

Castles & Houses
Floor & Wall Items
Void Elemental
Void Knight