Get Laf Project Launcher


Advanced Thunderball x165
Basic Emoji Package (Equipped)
Black Ink x147
Bone Sigil x100
Chaos Token x50
Chicken Beef x3
Chrono Pass
Cyber Gear x304
Daily Login Megaphone x20
Dark Makai Defeated x16
Divine Cloth x3
Divine Fragment x10
Doomed Token x9
Empowered Voidstone x7
Essence of Nulgath x178
Exalted Legion Token x88
Exalted Lord Token x4
Fragment Of Titanium
Gem of Nulgath x3
Krenosa Fragment
Legion Token x1360
Lesser Thunderball
Magician Essence x12
Part of Dragon Beef x6
Pride Thunderball x2
Purple Queen's Potion
Small Meat x12
Soul of a God x25
Soul Shard x1433
Spire Thunderball x2
State Thunderball x321
Time Essence x959
Token of Star x7
Ultimate Thunderball x262
Village Token x17
CLASS Boost! (1 hour) x24
EXP Boost! (1 hour) x19
GOLD Boost! (1 hour) x18
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hour) x20
Blazing Breaker
Blinding Light of Destiny
Chaos Caladbolg
Chaotic Sword Of The Multiverse (Equipped)
Deathwalker Blade
Defense Insurgent Knight Sword
DragonBlade of Nulgath
Legendary Magma Sword
Legion Burning Blade Of Abezeth
Legion DragonBlade of Nulgath
Overfiend Blade of Nulgath
Phoenix Blade of Nulgath
Replica of Necrotic Sword of the Legion
Shadow Frost Fang Katana
True Excelsus
CC Axe of Darkness
Void Light of Destiny
Blademaster Assassin Dual Katanas
Dual Bloodletter of Nulgath
Dual Prime Bloodletter of Nulgath
Dual Void Paladin Katana
Ungodly Reavers of Nulgath
Unsealed Chains Katana
Assault Mode Meliodas Bow
Shadow Spear of Nulgath
Audioroid Hair
Blinded Guardian of Darkness
Cowl of Thanatos
Crystallis ProtoHunter Helm
Deathwalker Hood (Equipped)
Galaxy Ranger Cap
Gojo Hair
Guardian of Darkness Hair
Maleurous Mask
Neko Waif-er
Reaper's Scream
Sans Undertale Morph
Shadow Guard of Nulgath
Sung Jinwoo Head
CC Shadow of Sepulchure (Equipped)
Dark Ringmaster Cape
Enchained Oneiros
Guardian Shadow
Legion Flame Cape
Mystical Samurai Blaze
Umbral Dimension Link
Asfargo's Third Eye Ring
PvP Necklace +1500
PvP Necklace +2000 (Equipped)
Arcane Soul Paragon
Baby Demon Dragon
Cespect Battlepet
Dark Wolf
Death Mute Pet
Falcon Blue pet
Frostval Swindle
Horse Pet of DDTANK
Legion Evocator BattlePet
Lost Tiger Kitty
Mini Elemental Pet
Paragon Pet
Potato Dragon
Twilly Bank Pet
Classes & Armors
Berserker Hunter, Rank 3
CardClasher, Rank 5
Chunin, Rank 5
Darkside, Rank 10
DragonLord, Rank 10
Dragonsworn, Rank 10 (Equipped)
Elemental, Rank 10
Elemental Dracomancer, Rank 5
Immortal Dark Caster, Rank 10
Knight Warlord, Rank 5
Legion Time Master, Rank 10
Mage, Rank 5
Necromancer, Rank 5
No Class, Rank 1
Paladin, Rank 5
Popstar Hatsune Miku, Rank 10
Profane, Rank 5
Undead Sand, Rank 10
Blazing Naval Commander
Brilliant Naval Commander
Card Clasher Armor
CC Not a Mod
Cloaked Deathwalker (Equipped)
Dark Rainwalker
Dark Wolf Armor
DoomKnight Naval Commander
Galactic Naval Commander
Guardian of Darkness
Icy Naval Commander
Ken Kaneki
May Tricks Outfit
Mystical Ascended SoulWeaver
Obsidian Blademaster
Rotting Naval Commander
Royal Raider
Shadow of Nulgath
Sung Jinwoo
The Unholy of Vokun
Worshipper of Nulgath

Castles & Houses
Astravia Castle House Small (Equipped)
Technocaster House
Tree House
Floor & Wall Items
Paragon House Item
Technocaster Rogue House Item
Titan DoomKnight's Blade Statue
Titan Paladin's Blade Statue
Turkey Plate
Valky NPC